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Star Studded Series ‘Call My Agent!’ Makes Waves in France and Beyond

Star Studded Series ‘Call My Agent!’ Makes Waves in France and Beyond

TF1 International is pleased to announce outstanding final ratings for French comedy drama mini-series CALL MY AGENT! (original title: DIX POUR CENT), which has emerged as both a critical favorite and a true audience phenomenon over the past several weeks in France.

The six part series premiered October 14th, airing on public broadcaster France 2, and drew nearly 6 million viewers repping a market leading 21.9% audience share.

The CALL MY AGENT! premiere represented a notable and rare national ratings win for the pubcaster, with the series debut drawing more French viewers than TF1’s competing English language series, James Spader starrer The Blacklist.

Airing two 52’ episodes of the six episode series weekly, CALL MY AGENT! continued to ride exceptionally strong buzz and consistent ratings all the way through its October 28th finale. Based on consolidated viewing figures, episodes of CALL MY AGENT! drew an average audience of 5 Million viewers repping a 19.2% share, an unprecedented success in broadcast fiction for the network.

Streaming also represented a major boost for the series, as a significant percentage of viewers watched CALL MY AGENT! via France Télevisions’ Replay platform. France Télevisions reports that such on demand viewing made up over 15% of total viewership and also skewed towards younger demographics, with up to 20% of the 25-34 and up to 50% of the 25-49 demos opting to watch the series online.

Following its breakout success, CALL MY AGENT! has now been renewed for a second season.

CALL MY AGENT! marks the small screen debut of director Cédric Klapisch (L’Auberge Espagnole, Russian Dolls, Paris) and features a prestige cast of A-list guest stars that includes Cécile de France (L’Auberge Espagnole, Russian Dolls, Hereafter), Nathalie Baye (Catch Me If You Can, Tell No One), Laura Smet (Yves Saint Laurent, The Bridesmaid), Julie Gayet (Quai d’Orsay, My Best Friend), Joey Starr (Polisse), Audrey Fleurot (The Intouchables), Line Renaud (Welcome to the Sticks) and Françoise Fabian (Me, Myself and Mum).

Centering on an insider’s portrayal of the daily life of a Paris talent agency, each episode in the series features one or several of the famous guest stars appearing as themselves in playful turns that riff on their showbiz careers and off-screen personas, as well as current issues and events.

In this respect, the show bears certain tonal and thematic resemblances to showbiz send ups like Entourage or Extras as well as the everyman workplace comedy of The Office, all combined with a certain je ne sais quoi courtesy of the French touch.

Focusing in on the lives of four talent agents who work for the fictional ASK agency, CALL MY AGENT! follows the agents’ daily grind as they fight to keep high maintenance clients happy, package new projects, and keep their own business operations afloat, all while juggling their own tumultuous personal lives. ASK is an office that isn’t short on dreams, drama or hilarious situations, and alongside the main players a colorful cast of assistants and associates striving to make it in the business add to the hijinks. Over the course of the series and as the personal and professional stakes mount, the four agents played by Camille Cottin, Gregory Montel, Thibault de Montalembert and Liliane Rovère) emerge as comically endearing and deeply human characters.
CALL MY AGENT! has been universally acclaimed by the press in France, as outlets ranging from popular newspapers Le Parisien and 20 Minutes to higher minded publications such as Télérama and Le Monde have all extolled the series with superlative praise.

Created by Dominique Besnehard, Michel Feller, Harold Valentin, and Fanny Herrero, and inspired by Besnehard and Feller’s own careers as super-agents to the stars, CALL MY AGENT! is one of a growing number of French series that have led top-level talent to make the leap from cinema to the small screen.

Cédric Klapisch directed the two of the six episodes and served as artistic director for the entire series.

Commenting on behalf of TF1 International, Sabine Chemaly connected the series’ success to a recent renaissance in French television:

“It may have taken a little longer than in the US or the UK, but France is catching up. Top tier directors, writers and cast are now migrating to television and seeing it as a medium for storytelling at the highest level, on par with cinema. Shows like CALL MY AGENT! demonstrate that French TV has now increased its ambitions, budgets and production values, and gained access the vast talent pool of our thriving film industry. So I think it’s fair to say that we have entered a new era for French TV, in which the series format is telling stories that are strong and compelling enough to appeal to very wide audiences, in France as well as internationally.”

The series’ success comes on the heels of several recent French series formats that have been travelling well and finding success beyond France’s borders, such as THE RETURNED, WITNESSES, PROFILING and CARLOS among others.

CALL MY AGENT! also boasts a strong presence in upcoming international festivals, having garnered selections in Canada’s upcoming Cinemania Film Festival (Nov. 5th – 15th) and Italian platform Roma Fiction. (Nov. 11th – 15th), with a UK premiere for the series also set to be announced in the coming weeks.

TF1 International is handling international sales.