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TF1 International sold "Profilage" to ProsiebenSat.1


With the final show in season five having set an all-time record with 8.6 million TV viewers (31% overall share and 35% of WPDM<50), TF1 International is pleased to announce the sale of Profilage for broadcast in Germany to the ProSiebenSat.1 group. The show will be aired 12th February on SAT.1.

This new deal brings to 37 the number of territories where the series has been sold, including Italy (on Fox Crimes where Profilage achieves high audience ratings) or Russia, Israel, Brazil, Central Europe, Latin America...

Profilage is currently the number-one French drama show in terms of ratings, with an average
7.7 million viewers and a high of 8.6 million for the latest season.

Some five seasons and 54 episodes of Profilage have been created since launch in 2009.

The production of season six, comprising 12 episodes is underway.


Chloé Saint-Laurent is a singular clinical psychologist who works for the police as a criminologist. She uses her outstanding expertise and sensitivity to enter the minds of victims and murders alike and solve the most devastating crimes.

Police commander Thomas Rocher, a gifted field investigator, is obliged to work with Chloé and her decidedly idiosyncratic methods.

The criminologist’s disdain for protocol and impulsive nature rub the experienced police officer the wrong way. Her fragility and eccentricity destabilise the direct and honest Thomas, more used to action than introspection. He doesn’t see what Chloé brings to his unit and sees her presence as a disavowal, handicap and even a real source of danger for his team members.

Despite their differences, one thing makes the unlikely couple an incredibly complementary duo: the deep empathy they feel for the victims and a quenchless thirst for justice.