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Strong international summer BO for SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS

A strong international summer BO for SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGSSERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS is now dominating the international French-speaking movie BO since THE INTOUCHABLES and THE ARTIST with a total of 3.2M viewers in 17 territories (excluding France).
The strong $30 M BO is the direct consequence of remarkable results everywhere the comedy has opened this summer.
Locally, De Chauveron’s pic has hauled in 12 million tickets ($94 M) over the 19 weeks it’s been in theaters; and has now reached the 7th position of the top French films BO ever and joined top 20 of all categories.
Also released day-and date in Switzerland (Frenetic), the comedy has performed $3.2 M at the BO which will be strenghten this week by the German –speaking opening (September 4th). Noteworthy result, in Belgium (Cineart), the comedy is now outdistancing the popular SUPERCONDRIAC, grossing a significant $3.5 M BO.
Since July 24th, entries have increased weeks after weeks in Germany where Neue Visionen is adding up an impressive 2 M tickets sold with a combination of 738 screens ($19.3 M). His neighbor Austria is following the same path with a high-grossing $2.4 M BO so far (2nd ranking position).
Canadian audience is back in theaters for French cinema. Facing local popular productions and US blockbusters, AZ Films proudly announces a total of more than $800 000 BO, best result since early 2013 for a Gallic movie, strengthen by an excellent word of mouth and a only 5% market share drop.
The landslide has also reached Morocco and Portugal where it is a huge success, Lebanon where the comedy is performing better results than INTOUCHABLES, Russia where the film is still playing after 2 months, Greece where it ranked N°1 place most of summer, and Turkey where it strongly just opened.
Sabine Chemaly, EVP Sales & Acquisitions at TF1 International: « What a pleasure to hear distributors saying that the film is “a crowd pleasure” and that the results are” rarely-seen” and “outstanding”! And this is not over! We are still closely working with our distributors who are making a great job on the upcoming releases. We do hope to be able to announce shortly a sequel and the remake rights acquisition “.
SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS will hit Scandinavia (Miss Label), Argentina and Chile (CDI Films), Korea (Bloomage), Singapore (Cathay), Hong Kong (Orange Sky), Israël (New Cinema) in fall before Italy (Italian International Films) and Spain (A Contracorriente) this winter and next year China (Orange Sky) !
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