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SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS : Audience says yes!

TF1 International, in association with UGC Distribution and Les Films du 24, is proud to announce SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS’ 2-week Box Office, a comedy directed by Philippe de Chauveron starring Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby: 3 414 595 admissions on 660 screens.

SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS is topping French chart, racking up an impressive total of $ 28M after 2-week gross. Philippe de Chauveron’s comedy is even improving admissions of 6.3% and is still scoring the best opening per-screen average this year (2 706).
This success is partly explained by the director: "French people are the world champions when it comes to mixed marriage. Around 20% of the marriages that happen in our country take place between people of different origins and faiths. In the film, everyone has their own flaws, their own quirks... And we wanted to be able to laugh at that, with no hidden agenda (...) I didn’t want to make a ‘film with messages’. People don’t need other people to think for them. Above all, they need to relax."

Sabine Chemaly, TF1 International EVP sales; to add “beyond the French reality, there is a universal message about tolerance and family importance and strength in nowadays people’s lives”.

The film is also a huge success outside the domestic borders. Distributed in Belgium by Cineart with a total gross so far of $702 000 (70 000 admissions), the film is currently ranking# 2 and is ranking # 1 in Switzerland (Frenetic) with $735 000 in box office (44,800 admissions).
Distributors are delighted with the results and excited about the upcoming weeks as the film has a very good word of mouth and are expecting the audience to see it twice!

Several others international releases are already planned, among them Germany (Neue Visionen) on July 24th as well as Russia (Cinema Prestige) and Quebec (AZ Films), Portugal (Outsider Films) during the summer…

Synopsis :
Marie and Claude Verneuil are old school: a respected upper class family with four beautiful daughters. Three of them made multicultural marriages, the first one married a muslim man, the second one a jewish one and the third one a Chinese one. When the youngest one announces her intention to marry a catholic man, her parents are delighted. A traditional wedding, at last! When they discover that he is from Africa, something snaps…

SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGSDirector: Philippe de Chauveron (Ducoboo 1&2)
With: Christian Clavier (Serial Teachers, Friends forever, Asterix and Obelix, Mission Cleopatra), Chantal Lauby (The Gilded Cage, Your hands on my hips), Ary Abittan (Hotel Normandy), Medi Sadoun (Kaira), Frédéric Chau (From Paris With love), Noom Diawara, Frédérique Bel (Hotel Normandy, The Dream Team), Julia Piaton (Big is Beautiful ), Emilie Caen, Elodie Fontan
Producer: Romain Rojtman - Les films du 24
Budget : $18M