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FANTASIA 2018: Best Film

French Apocalyptic thriller JUST A BREATH AWAY Takes Top Prize at Fantasia International Film Festival

The 22nd Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal has announced its juried award winners, including Daniel Roby’s best film award recipient and opening night sci-fi thriller Dans La Brume starring Romain Duris and Olga Kurylenko.

Referring to the festival's Best Film Winner, the Cheval Noir jury stated, “The apocalypse hasn’t been this emotionally compelling in decades. With its striking, iconic visuals of a Paris buried in a toxic mist, Daniel Roby's JUST A BREATH AWAY is a lean, terrifying portrait of an extinction-level event from the point of view of a family determined to survive."

The awards were decided by the Cheval Noir Jury, which was led by Tim Matheson and included Abraham Castillo Flores, Evan L. Katz, Phil Noble Jr., Stephanie Trepanier, and Victoria Sanchez-Mandryk.

JUST A BREATH AWAY opened recently in Indonesia and Vietnam and the movie has just been acquired by Gravitas Ventures in the US