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MARVIN: The International Press is raving

"Actuely observed, beautifully played” - “The film makes an emotive case for applause”

"Emotionally poignant moments” - “Oldfield is particularly a revelation here” - “Cast is strong - Huppert is perfect”
The Hollywood Reporter

“The filmmaker very skilfully weaves a tale where the actors deliver exceptional performances” - “A feature film masterful and moving”

"The French Billy Elliot"
Corriere della sera (Italy)

"This film is a gem" - "Superbly conceived, created and acted"
London Film Festival 2017

"A pinnacle of troubling ambiguity"
Studio Ciné Live

"A deeply moving coming-of-age story"

“A deeply moving must-see film, for its many emotionally charged subjects as well as its unforgettable characters."
Le Blog du Cinéma

Finnegan Oldfield, "wonderful: the most gifted actor of his generation"

Jules Porier : "Stunningly graceful"

Gregory Gadebois: "Immense"
Studio Cinelive

Vincent Macaigne: "Excellent"
Le Point.fr

Catherine Mouchet:"Shines as a school principal with vision"

Charles Berling: "Impeccable"
La Croix

Isabelle Huppert: "Glows with warmth"
Le Monde.fr

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