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An extravagant line-up for TF1 Studio

An extravagant line-up for TF1 Studio

by Fabien Lemercier

29/08/2017 - The firm has three titles at Venice, including Hannah vying for the Golden Lion, one on show at Toronto and Memoir of Pain competing at San Sebastián
An extravagant line-up for TF1 Studio
Memoir of Pain by Emmanuel Finkiel

Great prospects for TF1 Studio's international sales team led by Sabine Chémaly and due to hit the 74th Venice Film Festival (30 August-9 September), the 42nd Toronto Film Festival (7-17 September) and the 65th San Sebastian Festival (22-30 September) with some very attractive features in its line-up.

TF1 Studio will be selling three films chosen for the official selection on the Lido. Hannah [+] by Italian director Andrea Pallaoro, with performances from Charlotte Rampling and André Wims, is due to be revealed in competition. Produced by Italy (Partner Media Investment) and co-produced by Belgium (Left Field Ventures) and France (Clément Duboin for Good Fortune Movies), the director's second feature will also be included in the Contemporary World Cinema programme at the Toronto Film Festival and will be distributed in France by Jour2Fête.

TF1 Studio will also be selling Reinventing Marvin at Venice, which is due to have its world premiere in the competitive Orizzonti section, before taking advantage of market screenings at Toronto. The film is due to be released by Mars Films in France on 22 November.

The third Venetian title in TF1 Studio’s line-up is Above the Law by Belgian duo Jean-François Hensgens and François Troukens, which will be screened in the Cinema nel giardino programme. The feature film, co-produced by French company Capture the Flag Movies, will be released in France by Rezo Films on 6 December 2017.

TF1 Studio will also be counting on Emmanuel Finkiel’s Memoir of Pain, which will be competing at San Sebastián. With notable performances from Mélanie Thierry, Benoît Magimel and Benjamin Biolay, the filmmaker’s fifth feature (known for Voyages, Nulle part terre promise [+] and A Decent Man [+]) is an adaptation of an autobiographical work by Marguerite Duras. The film is set in June 1944 when France is still under German occupation. Robert Antelme, a writer and major figure in the Resistance, is arrested and deported. His young wife Marguerite, also a writer and resistant, is torn apart by the anguish of not knowing, as well as her secret liaison with comrade Dyonis. Willing to do anything to find her husband, she meets a French Gestapo agent and is put to the test by an ambiguous relationship with this troubled man, which she enters into only to help him. The end of the war and the return of soldiers from their camps mark the beginning of an unbearable wait for Marguerite, a slow and silent agony in the midst of the chaos of the Liberation of Paris. Produced by Laetitia Gonzalez and Yaël Fogiel for Les Films du Poisson, in partnership with Cinéfrance and Michel Merkt, Memoir of Pain was co-produced by France 3 Cinema and Belgian companies Versus Productions and Need Productions, with an advance on receipts from the CNC, Eurimages and the Ile-de-France region. The film is due to be released in France by Les Films du Losange on 24 January 2018. It's also worth noting that the feature film is set to benefit from a market screening at Toronto.

Among the other notable titles currently in post-production in TF1 Studio's rich line-up are Remi, Nobody's Boy by Antoine Blossier (read the article here), Dr. Knock by Lorraine Levy (article - with Omar Sy in the main role – set to be released by Mars Films in France on 18 October 2017) and The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir by Ken Scott (with performances from Dhanush, Bérénice Bejo, Erin Moriarty and Abdi Barkhad - due to be released by Sony Pictures Releasing France on 14 March 2018). Last but not least are All That Divides Us by Thierry Klifa (article - with performances from Catherine Deneuve, Diane Kruger and Nicolas Duvauchelle - due to be released by Mars on 8 November 2017), Le petit Spirou [+] by Nicolas Bary (released by La Belle Company and Apollo Films on 27 September) and the comedies Nobody's Perfect [+] by Florence Quentin (which is due to hit screens tomorrow, distributed by ARP Sélection and starring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu), Let It Snow by Lucien Jean-Baptiste (released by Mars Films on 13 December) and Finding Mom by Sébastien Thiéry and Vincent Lobelle (with performances from Christian Clavier and Catherine Frot - 27 December, distributed by Mars).