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BEFORE THE WINTER CHILL – World Premiere at Telluride Film Festival

Telluride Film Festival announced today its official program selections for the 40th anniversary edition of Telluride Film Festival. TFF’s annual celebration of artistic excellence brings together, cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers and artists to discover the best in world cinema in the beautiful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado from August 29th to September 2nd.

They are the perfect French haute bourgeois couple: Paul (Daniel Auteuil) is a respected surgeon and Lucie (Kristin Scott-Thomas) cooks and gardens exquisitely. But now, in the autumn of his life, Paul can’t resist the lure of an ambiguous and dangerous relationship with a mysterious young woman. Might there be something sinister behind the roses delivered to his office and the “chance” meetings? Director Philippe Claudel’s second film opens as a skillful, unnerving Gallic take on Fatal Attraction, but it is far too smart to follow those well-worn tracks, gradually morphing into something more disconcertingly original and passionate. He extracts a superb, poignant performance from Auteuil, offering up an unforgettable glimpse at the skeleton beneath the elegant skin of suburban gentility. (France, subtitled, 2013, 103m)

The film will open in France on November 27th (UGC Distribution)


Vanessa Kirsch
Cinepresse/ TF1 International
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