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  • The ABCs of love


    The ABCs of love

    Parent d'élève

    Directed by : Noémie Saglio
    Cast : Vincent Dedienne, Camélia Jordana, Alix Poisson, Samir Guesmi, Oscar Pauleau, Anne Charrier, Emmanuelle Bougerol, Emilie Gavois-Kahn, Héléna Soubeyrand

    Looking after a kid who's not your son can be hell. Except when his cute teacher thinks you're his dad.


  • The Lion
  • Ballsy Girl
  • The Morning After


  • Carmen



    Directed by : Benjamin Millepied

Post production

  • Way Down

    Way Down

    Way Down

    Directed by : Jaume Balagueró


  • Into The Labyrinth

    Directed by : Donato Carrisi

  • Of Loves and Lies

    Directed by : Julien Rappeneau

  • Who’s That Granny?!

    Directed by : Gabriel Julien-Laferrière

  • Roxane

    Directed by : Mélanie Auffret & Michaël Souh...

  • How To Be A French Lover

    Directed by : Olivier Baroux

  • New Biz In The Hood!

    Directed by : Mohamed Hamidi

  • One Role For Two

    Directed by : Anne Giafferi

  • Remi

    Directed by : Antoine Blossier

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