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  • Carmen




    Directed by : Benjamin Millepied
    Cast : Melissa Barrera, Jamie Dornan

    Carmen is a MUSICAL ROMANCE.

  • NEW

    Way Down

    Way Down

    Directed by : Jaume Balagueró
    Cast : Freddie Highmore, Liam Cunningham, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley, Luis Tosar, Jose Coronado, Alex Stein, Famke Janssen, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Daniel Holguin

    Only 90 minutes to pull off a death-defying heist with just one weapon: genius.

    Way Down
  • Ballsy Girl


    Ballsy Girl


    Directed by : Katia Lewkowicz
    Cast : Melha Bedia, Valérie Lemercier, Alison Wheeler, Bastien Ughetto, Nanou Garcia, Ramzy Bedia, Jonathan Cohen

    As she learns the art of pole dancing, a young woman gives her all, in order to reveal to herself and those around her, how fabulous she really is.

  • NEW

    The Lion

    Le Lion

    Directed by : Ludovic Colbeau-Justin
    Cast : Dany Boon, Philippe Katerine, Anne Serra, Samuel Jouy, Sophie Verbeeck, Carole Brana

    When a shrink breaks out his most dangerous patient, to help save his kidnapped girlfriend... and ends up in more trouble than he can possibly imagine.

    The Lion


  • Into The Labyrinth

    Directed by : Donato Carrisi

  • The Morning After

    Directed by : Méliane Marcaggi

  • Of Loves and Lies

    Directed by : Julien Rappeneau

  • Who’s That Granny?!

    Directed by : Gabriel Julien-Laferrière

  • Roxane

    Directed by : Mélanie Auffret & Michaël Souh...

  • How To Be A French Lover

    Directed by : Olivier Baroux

  • New Biz In The Hood!

    Directed by : Mohamed Hamidi

  • One Role For Two

    Directed by : Anne Giafferi

  • Remi

    Directed by : Antoine Blossier

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