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Alibi.com 2

Alibi.com 2



Why let Greg's embarrassing parents ruin his wedding? With one last alibi, he can do it himself!
Screenplay Videos

Directed by

Philippe Lacheau (Super Who?, City Hunter, Alibi.com, All Gone South, Babysitting)


Philippe Lacheau (Super Who?, City Hunter, Alibi.com, All Gone South, Babysitting)
Julien Arruti
Tarek Boudali (30 Days left, Marry Me, Dude)
Elodie Fontan (City Hunter, Serial (Bad) Weddings)
Nathalie Baye (It's Only the End of the World, Beautiful Lies, Tell no one, Venus Beauty Institute)
Didier Bourdon (City Hunter, Joint Custody, Alibi.com)
Gérard Jugnot (The Chorus, The War of Buttons, Friends Forever)
Arielle Dombasle
Alexandra Lamy (Rolling to You, Back to Mom's, Brice de Nice)
Gad Elmaleh


Axel Films Production

Delivery: StudioCanal - February 8th, 2023

2022 / Original language: French / Color

After closing his agency Alibi.com and promising Flo he will never lie again, Greg's new life with her is sweet - but boring. Not for long! When Greg proposes marriage, Flo and her family want to meet his parents. But how can he possibly introduce them to his divorce-embattled criminal father and erotic film star mother?
Greg's alibi buddies step in and find him fake parents to save the day... until his real parents show up! Greg panics. He squats his neighbour’s house and uses a fake bride to keep them out of the wedding. Soon he's got two marriages to orchestrate and a web of lies so dense, everything spins out of control. Little does he know how disastrous the situation really is when a surprise guest crashes the wedding party - For better or for worse!