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Country Cabaret

Les folies fermières



When David, desperate to save the family farm, sees dazzling nightclub performer Bonnie, inspiration strikes: He could turn his barn into a country cabaret! Crazy? Yes. Doable? We'll see...

Directed by

Jean-Pierre Améris (Illiterate (Tv-Movie), Family for Rent, Marie’s Story, Romantics Anonymous)


Alban Ivanov (Sink or Swim, C'est la vie!, Step by Step)
Sabrina Ouazani (Taxi 5, On the Other Side of the tracks, Of Gods and Men)
Bérengère Krief (So)
Guy Marchand (The Inquisitor)
Michèle Bernier


Escazal Films (Marie’s Story, Live & Become, The Source)

Delivery: APOLLO FILMS, May 11th, 2022

2022 / Original language: French / Color / 1.85 / 5.1 / 4k available

Hard work and big ideas aren't enough. David's dairy farm is on the brink of liquidation. When he chances upon a dazzling nightclub performance by Bonnie Starlight, inspiration strikes. What if he turned his big old barn into a country cabaret? Not just for entertainment, but to promote local food producers, including his mother's delicious cheese. A crazy plan, for sure - which is exactly why he loves it!
David has to convince sophisticated “City Girl” Bonnie to live in a converted barn loft out in the middle of nowhere and work around the clock to make a great show out of nothing. Finding local talent is no small feat either, but together they manage to assemble a zany cast of characters and create a troupe. Through blood sweat and tears, and a whole lot of laughs, they not only build a great stage and get their act together, they also learn a thing or two about themselves and each other. Everything seems on track for the big opening night, until David's traditionalist grandpa steps in, hell-bent on putting an end to their follies. Can they save the show and save the farm?