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Some Like It Rare




A well-done french comedy

Directed by

Fabrice Eboué (Coexist, Back to Square One)


Fabrice Eboué (Coexist, Back to Square One)
Marina Fois (Conviction, Sink or Swim, Divorce French Style, Poliss)
Nicolas Lumbreras (Penny Pincher)
Victor Meutelet
Lisa Do Couto Teixeira


Cinéfrance Studios

Delivery: APOLLO, October 27th, 2021

2021 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39

Sophie and Vincent have run a family owned butcher shop for over 10 years. But with competition from meat factories, their small business is on the brink of bankruptcy and their marriage is falling apart. All seems lost when Vincent accidentally kills a vegan activist who vandalized their shop a few days earlier.
Vincent is overwhelmed and terrified of being accused of murder., The only solution he can come up with, is to get rid of the body by turning it into ham, which his wife will inadvertently sell.

Life takes an astonishing turn, when suddenly the shop is packed with customers and they cannot meet the demand for their “extraordinary ham “. Sophie seems to fall in love again with Vincent. How far will they go to save their business and their marriage? The idea of starting over, could be very a very tantalizing prospect!