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The ABCs of love

Parents d'élèves

Romantic comedy / Comedy


Looking after a kid who's not your son can be hell. Except when his cute teacher thinks you're his dad.

Alice Girard, Marinette Lévy and Mathias Gavarri

Directed by

Noémie Saglio (Like Mother, Like Daughter, The Parisian Bitch, Princess of Hearts)


Vincent Dedienne (Our Happy Holiday)
Camélia Jordana (Le Brio)
Alix Poisson (The Parenthood Instruction Manual, The Returned)
Samir Guesmi (In the Name of the Land)
Oscar Pauleau
Anne Charrier (Just a Gigolo, The Crows, Crime Squad)
Emmanuelle Bougerol
Emilie Gavois-Kahn
Héléna Soubeyrand


Rectangle Productions

Delivery: completed

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 1.85 / 5.1 / available in uhd & 4k

Thirty-year old adulteen Vincent babysits animals and children for a living, and his latest job is 9-year old Bart, who just moved into the building with his overworked and single mom.

At his new school, Bart is anxious to develop a cool reputation, so when everyone assumes that laid back, eccentric Vincent is his dad, he begs him to play along, especially when his “dad’s” fun, immature behavior delights all the kids in his class!

Initially reluctant, Vincent changes his mind after falling in love with his “son’s” attractive young teacher. And in order to spend as much time with her as possible, he does his best to make sense of the mysterious codes and expectations of his weird new tribe: the Parent-Teacher Association.

But Vincent soon faces a bigger issue: How to backtrack on the huge “tiny little lie” he’s gotten himself into.


Femme Actuelle
"A lot of smiles in store!"
"It's fresh, light, colorful, sweet and really funny."

"Vincent Dedienne makes us (almost) want to go back to school"

"Funny, endearing and right with the times"

Ouest France
"School is back, so is love and laughter"

"Funny and impertinent"

"The current family comedy hit"

Journal du Dimanche
"Great family entertainment"
"Enjoyable for young and old alike"

It's funny, cheerful and makes you feel great."

"Truly joyful entertainment"

"A jewel of charm and social commentary"

C News
"A funny, fresh comedy"

La Croix
"Incisive dialogue served up by a great cast"

Le Parisien
"A delightful romantic comedy"

20 Minutes
"Joy and spontaneous laughs - Vincent Dedienne and Camelia Jordana are exquisite on screen"

Télé Loisirs
"Loved it"

La Libre Belgique
"Lovely moments of smiles, laughs and emotion"

Soir Mag (Belgium)
"A delectable moment of relaxation."

RTBF (Belgium)
"Joyful, fresh and warm-hearted, with just the right touch of impertinence"

Le Soir (Belgian Daily)
"A lovely family comedy"
"Noemie Saglio digs into a unique genre with realism, humor, kindness and a dash of spice: Les parents d’élèves"
"A romantic comedy that happily strays off the beaten path. A fun break."

Avenir (Belgian daily)
"Fresh, funny, and right with the times"