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Of Loves and Lies


Comedy drama


An inspiring story about the unlimited power of a child’s love to help his father to get back on track.
Screenplay Videos

Julien Rappeneau - Based on a graphic novel Dream Team by Mario Torrecillas & Artur Laperla

Directed by

Julien Rappeneau Rosalie Blum


François Damiens (La Famille Bélier, Cowboys, Just to be sure, The World is yours)
Maleaume Paquin (RĂ©mi, Nobody's Boy)
Ludivine Sagnier (Remi, Nobody's Boy, CĂ©sar Award nominee for Swimming Pool and A Secret)
André Dussolier (Bad Seeds, Roomates Wanted, Diplomacy, Beauty and the Beast, My Worst Nightmare, Micmacs, Tell No One, 36, A Very Long Engagement, Officer s Ward - Best Supporting Actor at the Cesar Awards 2002, Children of the Marshlands)
SĂ©bastien Chassagne
Laetitia Dosch (Our Struggles, Montparnasse BienvenĂĽe)
Nicolas Wanczycki The Climb
Cassiopée Mayance (Against the wind)


Michael Gentile - The Film

Delivery: SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2019

2019 / Original language: France / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / available in uhd & 4k

Twelve-year old Theo plays for a local soccer club and has enough talent to eventually go pro. But his father has been on a self-destructive spiral ever since he started drinking and got divorced, and Theo feels powerless and anxious as he watches his dad slowly destroying his own life. But he refuses to give up on him. When a recruiter for a prestigious British club takes notice of him, Theo sees an opportunity to rekindle his father’s hope, but despite all his efforts he is not selected. So he decides to lie and say he was, hoping to make his father happy and proud. Theo’s dad is so overjoyed that he puts all his heart into helping his son prepare for “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” gradually regaining his taste for life and motivation for the future. Until the lie reaches unforeseen proportions and
completely spins out of control. Thankfully, Theo’s little lie has already operated big change and generated so much hope, that life is able to get back on track. Only better!