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Two Women

La Ciociara

Drama / War


Directed by

Vittorio de Sica


Sophia Loren
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Raf Vallone

1960 / Original language: Italian / Black & White / Mono / available in hd & 2k

Shot in the neo-realist tradition, this film takes a hard look at war and its disasters through the eyes of humble peasants. The story traces the tragic destiny of a woman and her child from war-ravaged Rome and back.
Starring Sophia Loren as the courageous Césira, whose outstanding performance won her the 1961 best actress award at Cannes.

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Festival Lumiere (2015)
Homage evening with Sophia Loren

Festival Lumiere (2012)
Official Selection for The Glory of Vittorio De Sica

Cannes Film Festival (1961)
Best Actress (Sophia Loren)

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Academy Awards (1961)
Best Actress (Sophia Loren)