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Family Resemblances

Un air de famille

Comedy drama


Directed by

Cédric Klapisch (Paris, The Russian Dolls, The Spanish Apartment)


Jean-Pierre Bacri (Under the Rainbow, Charlie Says, Look at me, It Takes All Kinds)
Agnès Jaoui (Look at Me, It Takes all Kind,, Un Air de Famille, The Role of her Life)
Jean-Pierre Darroussin (The Snows of Kilimandjaro, If I were a Rich Man, The Octopus, Marius and Jeannette, Family Resemblances)

1996 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / Stereo / available in hd & 4k

It's a family affair. The Menard family have a rituel : every week, they meet at Henri's café and go on to have dinner at "Aux ducs de Bretagne", the best restaurant this small provincial suburb has to offer. This week there's a fly in the ointment : Arlette, Henri's wife, misses the roll call. She's gone off for a week "to think things over". On the regular scale of events it's no big deal, but it builds up and spills over into other, deeper dramas which this familiy have cherished and nurtured since childhood. A family is like a gift -once you've been given it, you pretty much have to keep it.


Cesar Award (1997)
Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress

Lumiere Awards (1997)
Best Director and Best Screenplay

Montreal World Film Festival (1997)
People's Choice Award and Special Grand Prize of the Jury