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Zoe Kezako season 2

Zoé Kézako saison 2

SERIES 26 x 13' + first season 26 x 13'
Animation / Comedy


A multi-awarded program with a huge success.
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Based on the books by Véronique Sauquere

Directed by

Fabrice Fouquet

Serge Elissalde


Teamto, TF1, Teletoon TPS Jeunesse


2005 / Original language: French & English / Color / Stereo / available in hd

A big round face with two springy pigtails on top, and a gangly body dressed in a stripy shirt, red tunic-dress and speedy sneakers. She's also an irresistible little girl, with stacks of humor and piles of energy. The fruit of Véronique Saüquère's imagination.
Zoe wears her name well. Just like all kids her age (7 and three quarters) , she asks herself lots of questions and is sometimes not sure of how to act in certain situations. Nothing could be more natural, at her age. After all, the one thing she doesn't have is. Experience!
From one episode to the next, Zoe gains the vital experience for everyday life. Each individual story is a slice of livingness, a portion of knowledge we all need to get a grasp of the world and the people around us. The understanding that helps us grow up, just at the right speed. Until, one fine day, we suddenly realize that: "Life is a big heap of fun!"
© 2006 – Teamto – TF1 – Teletoon – TPS Jeunesse


27 - Zoe to the power of two
With everyone ordering Zoe around she’s at the end of her rope! If only she could have a double who could do all the stupid, boring things people tell her to do. Then, one morning…
there she is-- ZEO, Zoe’s double! That’s more like it: from now on, things are going to be different! Zoe’s starts bossing Zeo around to take her place. While Zoe is busy playing video games and singing in front of the mirror, Zeo goes to school in her place, does her homework, eats Zoe's plateful of beets and looks after Titi! Until Zeo becomes too much like Zoe and gets a mind of her own.

28 - King of the Crackpots
This time, Tony Dingo really has gone too far! He has made Zoe miss the end of a thrilling episode of Jackie’s police investigation adventures and now, after following the mystery for a whole season, Zoe will never know the identity of the scooter thief! Zoe really gets revenge when she takes things to another level by secretly stealing a love letter from Tony to Jeny.
Tony falls prey to Zoe’s Machiavellian blackmail, retreating into forced silence: the King of the Jokers is unrecognizable: all his friends are wondering what could possibly have made him so sheepish…

29 - The vanishing
Zoe gets more than she bargained for when she declares, “I’m way old enough to look after Titi and me. You never trust me!!” Thingy hears Zoe’s plea loud and clear, and wants to give Zoe a bit of independence. Pretending to leave Zoe in charge of Titi and herself, Thingy secretly arranges for her brother Tim to “happen to stop by” just to make sure things are OK.
Everything goes swimmingly – until Titi suddenly disappears. Watch as Zoe and Tim shield the harsh reality of a missing little brother from Auntie Kissy, who truly has popped by to see her favourite niece and nephew. With Tim’s help, Zoe has to frantically search for Titi and keep up appearances as well. After all, she’s got to prove that she can handle it!

30 - Queen for a day
“The winner will represent the school at the summer Mermaid Ball”. This time around, Jeny is confident she can win the Dancer of the Year contest. But Zoe is just as determined as she is! According to Tony, there’s no competition, given that Jeny has about as much “grace as a hippo” when she gets on the dance floor! Annoyed that everyone is making fun of Jeny, Melina, last years champion, stands up for Jeny and decides to act as her personal coach and teach her a sure-fire dance routine: the Taktakena!. Melina is confident that her protégée will win. Up against so much resistance, Zoe pulls out all the stops in an effort to take the title.

31 - My best enemy
“What?! Melina’s skipping a grade and she hasn’t told me?!!”. Jeny nods her head: “Yeah! Principal Bison was talking to Miss Lardon about it.” Zoe is appalled: she’s not gonna lose the most spirited pal she has like this! She decides to trick Miss Lardon into thinking that Melina is, in fact, a very bad student and that she’s been cheating ever since nursery school!
She devises an infallible plan – that fails miserably, then a second one, even more Machiavellian. Turns out that Jeny got the names mixed up, that it’s not Melina who’s going up a class but Miranda. Now, Zoe’s got to backtrack pretty fast, to work herself out of the pickle she’s gotten Melina into and patch things up!

32 - Starry-eyed
Look out: here comes Zoe’s crush, Valentine! All Valentine’s friends, starting with Zoe, are preparing a big secret party for the best poet in the park, a surprise birthday party of a lifetime! But on the very same day, on a lark, Zoe finds herself with the opportunity of a lifetime. She gets to rehearse with superstar Jackie for a role that Thingy has managed to get for her. Faced with a huge predicament, Zoe decides to “go with the glory”, which means boycotting Valentine’s birthday. Frowned upon by all her friends – with the exception of shallow Jeny - Zoe gets ready at home to greet the Great Jackie. But boredom sets in: why is he so late? Could she possibly have made the wrong choice?…Maybe Jackie isn’t so great after all.

33 - Inspector Zoe
Jeny is inconsolable: someone has stolen her Transformer robot! Inspired by Jackie’s police adventures, Zoe decides to lead and head up her own investigation. Besides, it just so happens that she has just spotted Jeny’s robot, standing proud on the counter of Mr. Sweets’ candy store! She’s sure to wrap the case up in next to no time, and be a hero in her friends’ eyes.
But, unfortunately for Zoe, it turns out that Jeny’s Transformer has, in the meantime, really vanished, for real! And so, aided by her trusty side-kick Mariponpon, Zoe leads a thrilling
criminal investigation per se. After clearing Valentine, Zoe is confident that the number one suspect is none other than Super Duper! But, guided by a cryptic riddle, courtesy of the parkkeeper, Inspector Zoe finally manages to recover Jeny’s Transformer robot and, in so doing, to clear her all-time enemy of suspicion. The truth will always shine through…

34 - Double zero
Zoe’s dying to go to the GANGSTER PHARAOH concert. What could possibly prevent Mom from letting her go? A zero grade in dictation. Whoops… Zoe does everything in her power to stop her mom from finding out about the bad grade. Even when Miss Lardon gives Zoe a second chance, she still fails to pass the test. Zoe really has to pull out all the stops in a major effort to make sure her mom doesn’t find out. To Zoe it’s a matter of life and death!

35 - Good riddance!
Zoe is on top of the world having thrashed Super Duper in a roller-skating contest! This calls for celebration! But just as the party is getting into full swing, a major bombshell is dropped: Super Duper is moving!! Deeply affected by the news, all attention turns from Zoe right back to Super duper as Zoe’s girlfriends take off at once, determined to throw an impromptu
going away party for their departing skating buddy. Still ticked off about losing her own glory, Zoe goes out of her way to thwart the girls’ plan. “So what if Super Duper’s moving!
Good riddance to him – that’s what I say!”

36 - Boomerang
Zoe excitedly opens the extra special gift Thingy has brought her back from Australia. She’s never seen such a thing. This weird looking object is nothing less than a bona fide boomerang.
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly Thingy has also brought one back for Super Duper, who had placed an order for his own boomerang with her before she left. It’s a downer for Zoe because she’s not the only one in town who has a boomerang, and she’s certainly not the best at using it. Looks like Super Duper can is a pure expert in the field of boomerang throwing!
“Dja know the Dance of the Koala figure? Watch this!”, boasts SD. Not wanting to look a fool in front of everybody, Zoe gets herself into a real jam when she boasts about her skills, saying she’s waaay better than SD. Then disaster strikes when Valentine asks her to give him boomerang lessons! She could either a) look like a fool who stinks at the boomerang or b) die of embarrassment because she lied or c) both. What to do?! Zoe is tangled up in her own booby-trap. Will Zoe sink to her lowest and ask that huge show-off Super Duper, for a few boomerang tips – for Valentine’s sake?

37 - Alone at last…
With too many people pulling her in different directions, Zoe can’t take it anymore. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” she screams. “I WANT TO BE ALONE! And besides, “Atomic TV is organizing a competition in which the best story will be made into a movie. Can you imagine?!
So, I’m writing a script, with Biscuit in the starring role”. Zoe tells her friends. She’s determined not to get sidetracked! After finally having written the first few pages of her script, Zoe is all revved up about them and wants some kudos from her friends. First she tries Mariponpon’s but no one’s home. There’s nobody in the street or the park either – or anywhere else, for that matter! Could Zoe be the sole survivor of an alien attack on Earth? Panic sets in, made worse by the sudden onset of darkness, right in the middle of the afternoon!!! Or, what if everyone simply went to observe the eclipse from a good vantage point?… What eclipse? They could have told her about it! Where are her friends now???

38 - The invisible friend
“So what if you all have heaps of awesome friends! See if I care!!” Zoe is peeved today: everyone’s too busy with all their other friends to come roller-skating with her! So she makes
up the best friend a girl could have—an imaginary one. Yeah, then she too will have totally great friend who she does loads of cool things with! She’s even got a name: Brunette. Zoe has a ball telling some tall tales to her friends, all the while convincing them of Brunette’s existence and friendship. Her plan works, and Zoe’s pals get into the exciting stories Zoe tells of her adventures with Brunette, they even become gossip! Then, one day, “Brunette” calls her friend Zoe, and asks to come over!” OOOps-y!

39 - Super secret
Starved for attention, Zoe blurts out something off the top of her head “Wanna hear some top secret news? Miss Lardon and the park keeper are going to be meeting up secretly in the park, tomorrow, after school! Right on this very bench!” The kids are intrigued by this news!
Who doesn’t love gossip about grown ups? And how cool is Zoe now that she’s the one who got the scoop?!! But since Zoe made it all up, now she’s got to make it all happen.
How is she going to get her teacher, Miss Lardon and the park-keeper together, in the same place, at the same time? Her true blue pals, Mariponpon and Tony, are with her every step of the way, but she may have to risk losing Valentine’s affection…

40 - A right mix up
When Maripon-pon gets a poor grade, turns out she’s written an essay on Martians instead of amphibians! Mariponpon preaches innocence: “But Zoe told me the homework was an essay on rtians, not amphibians!” But Zoe’s adamant: “I never said that!” and takes the “it’s not my problem” attitude. Maripon-pon is fuming for once, since bad grades could cost her. The new assignment is to write a profile of a person they admire, and read it to the rest of the class. As the students work on their essays, MP is distant toward her bestest friend Zoe. After a while, Zoe recognizes her mistake but this does not make matters any better. Convinced that her ex-bestest friend has launched a black propaganda campaign against her, Zoe relentlessly tries to establish the truth. After all, everyone knows that erratum humanus est…

41 - Wanted
“What? Babysitting MP, not me?” Zoe finds out that Thingy is watching Maripon-pon and freaks. Never one to let it lie or ignore her jealousy, she blurts out the latest headline “The
bogus babysitter waits till the kids are asleep then sets about burgling the houses!” Zoe puts two and two together aloud, and it looks like Thingy is the culprit! Mariponpon is shocked by the news- Thingy’s a thief! There’s no way she’s going to let Thingy watch her! How lucky that Zoe is her best friend and is also the person who figured it out! Zoe’s lie seems harmless and effective, until its taken a little too seriously when Jeny calls the police to let them know the identity of the scheming criminal: Thingy! Caught up in her own cabal, Zoe is going to have to try and save her own skin, not to mention her babysitter’s!

42 - Prepare for take off
Zoe has decided to build her own rocket and to fly off to Mars to discover new horizons. All her friends laugh. Well, if no-one wants to join her in this awesome adventure, it doesn’t matter: Zoe gets busy on her top secret project, all by herself. Nothing’s going to stop her from accomplishing her lifelong dream – to be a cosmonaut! She decides to send Biscuit, the
class pet, into outer space first, in a prototype test run. Meanwhile, however, Mariponpon has decided she is going to match-make Biscuit and Brigitte, a gorgeous new guinea-pig somebody has asked her to look after. Realizing the danger of sending innocent Biscuit out into space, all of Zoe’s friends, guided by Tim, go about thwarting Zoe’s very first space mission! How is our heroine going to manage to pull it all off?

43 - Have a good trip!
Zoe is in major distress: Her mom is planning a surprise trip to Venice for she and Dad without the kids! Oh, but to Venice! The Carnivale, the gondolas and the ice-cream are all for their parents, on their very ownsome! Oh, what a bummer! And, not only that, but who’s going to be babysitting for Zoe while they’re away? That too is a surprise! How frustrating! They’re treating her like a child!! Short on patience, Zoe steals Mom’s plane tickets, thinking it will cause the whole Venice mission to abort. But then, in the end, she finds out that the plan her
mom has in store for her is even better than Venice. See ya Mom and Dad!

44 - I’m the boss!
“Don’t you have a boss?!” asks Steven, the photographer from the Park Gazette. He’s come to photograph the planting of a cherry tree shoot for Nature Day but does not know which one of the kids to focus his feature on: they all want to be in the foreground of the photo!
Zoe is vying for the spot, as the kids trip over themselves to be featured. They finally vote to choose a leader, and Zoe wangles her way to victory, thanks to Mariponpon’s decisive vote.
So, it’s decided – Zoe’s going to be the star of the Gazette feature. But, just as the photographer turns up to take the cover photo, the real star of the article—the baby cherry
tree-- has vanished! Beaming with delight and holding a watering can, humble Mariponpon has the answer to the riddle. So, who’s the boss now?

45 - The Party!
By throwing a party, with music and all the festive trappings, Zoe seems to have finally found a way to get one up on Lola, the Park Pinup! Now, all she has to do is decide who to invite. What a big dilemma! Zoe decides not to invite Super Duper since he pokes fun at her constantly, Now he’s saying that her invitation was crappy and that the music will be corny, since Zoe didn’t ask HIM to DJ. But if he doesn’t come, what about the other guys? Worried that the boys, including Valentine, might boycott her very first party, Zoe swallows a bit of her pride in exchange for a great party, a full guestlist, and ultimately, a great DJ. Go Zoe!

46 - Charge
“OK girls! Time for you to go do your stupid girly things lsewhere! I’ve got a roller competition to get ready for!” Super Duper needs the slide to practice on, and asks the girls to clear out. But Zoe’s not having it: she is busy rehearsing a very trendy musical with her friends and the slide just happens to be their major prop! And so war is declared between our two protagonists. Each side strategizes for battle. But the girls get the upper hand, thanks to a helping hand from a mysterious person, and they manage to outplay the boys’ most cunning
plots. Will the mystery character be revealed? And who will win the park battle? Place your bets!

47 - What an embarrassment!
“It’s only a photo of you and Titi, Zoe!”, insists Mom. But Zoe is adamant: getting voted Best Big Sister of the Year by KIDDLIWINKS baby magazine would be the biggest embarrassment of her life! However, when Aunt Kissy insists, Zoe gives in, on condition that the operation remain TOP SECRET! But, before long, the news has made its way around the park, with a little help from major gossip queen, Jeny. Zoe does everything she can to get out of the highly humiliating photo session, going so far as to ask Jeny stand in for her! But, as it turns out, getting voted Best Big Sister of the Year by KIDDLIWINKS magazine does not only have disadvantages. No it isn’t all torture. In the end, it’s a true blessing which involves going away for a week-end with Valentine!

48 - Super Dad
Mr. Sweets organizes a big “doubles acrobatic roller-skate contest” in the park. The winning team will receive ITS WEIGHT IN CANDY! Zoe and Mariponpon often skate together, but MP’s talent just won’t cut it. Not giving up, Zoe begs her dad to be her partner instead! He used to skate! He’s hesitant, but since it means so much to Zoe, he agrees. Turns out he’s a little rusty, and Zoe realizes there’s no way she’ll win with Dear old Dad as her partner. But now, she’s got two terrible tasks: She’s got to let Dad down easy (impossible) and worse, she’s got to ask Super Duper to be her team-mate (sucks). But on game day, SD is injured, who could stand in except Dad…who seems a little lighter on his feet this time…

49 - Uncle kissy
Aunt Kissy is concentrating hard, hammering frantically on Zoe’s computer keyboard. She’s looking for a husband, and these things take time! But what about Zoe’s on-line contest for her favorite show? She’s got a real chance at winning if only she could get on her computer.
The only way to stop this madness is to set up Auntie Kissy with the man of her dreams, quick!! Never one to look too far, Zoe, assisted by Jeny, concocts a sure-fire plan to make Mr. Sweets her future uncle! Just imagine: she could have all the candy she wanted, at any time! Unfortunately, though, in next to no time, the Operation New Uncle turns out to be a fiasco when it looks like the Zoe’s pal the park keeper will really screw things up. Or could he be …blushing when he smiles at Auntie?

50 - Friend for a day
Zoe is angry! She’s only been out sick from school for one day, and Mariponpon goes off and gets a new partner to do her essay with! And it’s dumb ol’ Jeny, to boot! Humiliated by what she considers to be “high treason”, Zoe is out for revenge. For starters, she refuses to take Mariponpon to the movie premiere of Jackie’s latest film, and secondly, she’s persuades Jeny to ditch the essay she was busy writing with MP by turning the star-obsessed Jeny onto Jackie instead. That will show MP- the traitor! Zoe is revelling in it…she thinks she’s got it all figured out/ is on top of the world until, that is, Mariponpon falls sick too. Who is going to take her homework home to her?

51 - Valentin superstar
Valentine too has found himself on the front page of the Park Gazette, as winner of the Poetry Grand Prix! While watching one of her favorite shows, Zoe has a great idea: she’ll get Valentine on Star Face (a Star Search/ American idol-esque show). When Zoe puts Valentine in the running without telling him, he wins a spot on TV care of all her hard work! Zoe is so
proud of both her efforts paying off and of her sweet Valentine! But always the quiet, shy poet, Val refuses to go on the program. Zoe is mortified and disappointed, since doesn’t want
to let the show down, and she just can’t see the problem. In a real jam, she has no choice but to beg the class clown Tony Dingo to find some tricks up his sleeve. But what if Valentine
were to save the day by giving Zoe the surprise of a lifetime…?

52 - Princess Cosmonaut
Zoe is working hard for her audition for Jackie’s new movie. It’s her dream and she’s great at doing the moves for a cosmonaut. Even Lola, the park pinup is impressed by her, she asks Zoe to show her what her secret is! What a great day, Zoe nails her audition! Unfortunately, Thingy tells her later, she’s won the part of understudy. She’s the runner up to an older girl
called “Lola” who beat her out for the part. Lola…Lola!! The same Lola they all know? Older, prettier, ugh! Her??!!
In a story of miscommunication and mixups, watch Zoe steam and come up with a way to sabotage Lola and her new play, the thing that she’s really the star of.



Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart, 2007
In competition

Festival of Animated Film, Annecy 2007

Sicaf - Festival of Animated Film, Seoul, 2007

Emmy Awards 2005
Nominee in the Children and Young People category

Cartoons on the Bay Festival 2004
Pulcinella awards for the best character of the year and best TV series

Bamkids International New York Children's Film Festival 2005
In competition

Chicago Children's Film Festival 2004
Children's Jury Prize
Certificate of Excellence, Animated Television Production and Adult Jury Prize
2nd Prize, Animated Television Production

Luchon International TV Film Festival 2005
Best animation for children between 6 and 10 years-old

Lauriers 2005 de la Radio et de la Télévision organized by the Paris Audiovisual Club
Laurier Jeunesse


Average market shares of 41.7% on children 4 to 10 years old and 44% on girls


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