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SERIES 150 x 5'


This universal, timeless and croos-generational series is an instant classic for both parents and kids.
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Created by: Annette Tison and Talus Taylor

Directed by

Annette Tison

Talus Taylor


Alice Taylor & Thomas Taylor

1970 / Original language: English and French / Color / available in hd

Massively popular with young and older audiences since the 1970’s, Barbapapa and Barbamama are the attentive and tender parents of seven turbulent but lovely children: Barbabravo, Barbabright, Barbazoo, Barbabeau, Barbabelle, Barbalala and Barbalib. Each of them have their own distinct personality: singer, artist, animal lover… and Barbapapa talks to everyone!
Throughout their adventures, they display family spirit and a great imagination to solve problems. The series takes them on great trips around the world, where they take care to protect the environment and the well-being of animals. Always in a fun and playful mood, the Barbapapa family values friendship, family spirit and non-violence.
This universal, timeless and cross-generational series is an instant classic for both parents and kids.
© 2015 Alice Taylor et Thomas Taylor. All Rights Reserved.



Barbapapa classic series (1974,French): 45 X 5’ (Season 1)
The adventures of Barbapapa (1977, French) 55 X 5’(Season 2)
Barbapapa around the world (1999, Japanese): 50 X 5’(Season 3)

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