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Fear by The Lake

Peur sur le lac

SERIES 6 x 52'
Cop/Investigation / Drama


A virus pandemic strikes the lake community. No one can escape an invisible killer

Directed by

JĂ©rĂ´me Cornuau (Fear By The Lake, Fear By The Lake, Tiger Brigades, The Nest, Hotel Paradis)


Julie De Bona (The Bonfire of Destiny, Killer By The Lake, Innocent, Days of Glory)
Lannick Gautry (Fear by the Lake, The Gilded Cage, Vanished By the Lake)
Juliette Roudet
Pierre Perrier (Captain Marleau, The Returned)
Juliette Plumecocq-Mech (Balthazar, Spiral)
Sylvie Testud (Tamara, La Vie en Rose, The Visitors: Bastille Day, French Women, Fear and Trembling)
Clotilde Courau (Heaven Wil Wait, Babysitting, La Vie en Rose, A very long Engagement, See how they Run)
Anne Charrier (Just a Gigolo, The Crows, Crime Squad)
Debrandt Bruno (Spiral)
Frédéric Chau (Serial (Bad) Weddings)
Lola Dewaere (The Target, Bright-eyed revenge, Big is beautiful)
CĂ©cile Rebboah (Fear by the Lake, How Mum Turned To Armed Robbery, Red Band Club)


Elephant Story (Killer by the Lake, Desperate Parents) and TF1

Delivery: Completed

2020 / Original language: French / Color

Lise and Clovis have to face a new and totally baffling threat when several people are suddenly struck down by a mysterious and mortal curse. A virus seems to be spreading in the city of Annecy. It's a race against the clock to find out where the virus came from and keep it from becoming an epidemic. Was it an accident? A crime? An act of terrorism? Does the virus have a link to the mysterious disappearance of a little girl and her father? Every minute counts as the number of victims continues to rise. Forcing separations, destroying plans and breaking up families, this state of emergency will reveal the true nature of everyone involved - and change their lives forever.


A boat speeds straight across Lake Annecy and rams into a dock. On board, a man with black streaks on his neck totters as a drop of blood drips from his nose. He collapses, dead. The victim is Thierry Blancher, a local jeweler.

Lise takes on the investigation. What seems like an ordinary case of jewel trafficking turns out to be far more complex. Preliminary evidence indicates that Blancher suffered an unusually intense internal hemorrhage. All of his organs exploded. Was it poisoning? The forensic examiner has never seen anything like it.

Things are traumatic for Clovis. He has to deal with a court trial about a case he worked on involving the hold-up of an armored vehicle. The ensuing bloodbath resulted in the death of two people passing by. Abel Verdan, the lawyer, is one of Lise's ex-boyfriends. He seems determined to get back together with her. Why else would he be so intrusive and curious about their relationship?

As Lise and Clovis are overwhelmed by work, they also have to deal with their 9-year-old son Tom, who has been biting his classmates, and their past, which keeps coming back to haunt them.

The lake case becomes even more puzzling when a second victim is brought into the hospital in Annecy. Streaks on the neck, fever, internal hemorrhage and in critical condition. What's happening in the city? Who is poisoning people?

And could there be a link to the disappearance of Lily, one of Tom's classmates, whose mother claims she was kidnapped?

Commander Wagner, a military doctor, is dispatched to take on the biggest secret in the city.
The lab results from the jeweler's corpse reveal that he was not poisoned. It was a virus: Ebola 6. An unknown strain has hit French territory and as of today there is no known treatment.

Lise finds out that Lily's father, Darius Milanian, is a virus research scientist at a Swiss laboratory. Milanian and his daughter have both been missing for three days. Could Milanian be keeping his daughter hidden away safe while he unleashes the virus? What would his motives be? And where could they have gone?

The team is struck with fear of an epidemic. As the first to be in contact with the victims, they will be the first ones exposed. Everyone is worried about endangering those close to them. Maya, the Prosecutor's daughter, has run away with her boyfriend Issa. Noemie is pregnant and can't be vaccinated. Clovis, who had contact with a victim, may already have the virus. They have to identify which households have been infected, and the number of victims is rising. There's no time to lose!

Lise and Clovis take measures to search a low-income housing project where numerous cases of the virus have been reported. Because epidemic statistics are being kept secret, they fear they will lack the manpower they need. Panic in the streets, riots - how will they face the anger and confusion of the residents?

Wagner and the medical teams feel helpless. The existing vaccine has no curative effect. Patients are dying. For the time being, it is working as a preventative measure. but it's impossible to launch a massive vaccination initiative because their supply of the drug is insufficient.

The investigation confirms that Milanian is the one who spread the virus by sending it through the mail to two of the victims. Catching him is the only short-term hope they have. He has vital information about the virus strain he has unleashed.

With eighteen verified cases, Wagner makes the decision to put the city under quarantine and set up a military hospital. The epidemic is coming.

The city of Annecy is sealed off. Shops close one by one, roads are blocked off and incidents of violence multiply. Panic is growing.

The team uncovers a link between the first victims of the virus: they were all involved in the death of a little girl named Sarah. A young girl who ran to get her ball back and got run over by Joel Breton. The only witness was the jeweler Thierry Blanchet. Abel Verdan was the lawyer for Breton, now in prison. Blanchet, Verdan and Breton all received packages from Darius Milanian. But why would he be seeking revenge?

As Noemie is on her way to court to question Verdan about the case, the trial of a robbery gang ends. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Noemie gets taken hostage by the accused. They take advantage of the panic that has gripped the city to escape. Mathias shows up on the scene, willing to do anything to save the woman he loves, the mother of his future child.

Lise and Clovis are fighting on all sides. They try to keep the panic in check. They manage to catch Milanian. The investigation has consumed them day and night, but now it's going to affect them in flesh and blood.

Annecy is a ghost town. Soldiers in jumpsuits and gas masks are the only people walking the streets. A heart-wrenching death leaves the team grief-stricken, but they have to face the growing epidemic.

Darius Milanian is arrested and questioned. A victim of vicious blackmail, he sent the viruscontaminated packages under threat. His daughter Lily was supposed to be returned to him once the four targeted people were dead. The scheme didn't turn out as planned. Lily is still missing, only the jeweler is dead, and the virus has spread like a cloud of smoke.

The danger intensifies when Tom is hospitalized with a fever. Will the new vaccine be ready in time to save the team?

Tom is undergoing treatment. Lise, at his bedside, starts to lose it. She is afraid of getting the virus, too. She breaks down. It's too much. Clovis shows his unwavering support. She has to harness every bit of energy she has left.

Those responsible for the chaos have been identified. But Maya and Lily are still missing. The little girl ran away. She is all alone, out in the wilderness.

The epidemic has the whole city on edge. The region is on the brink of chaos. Now that the guilty criminals have nothing left to lose, how far will they go?


TOP RECORD ON CONSOLIDATED RATINGS With an average of 5.8M viewers per ep.
27% Market Share individual P4 +
31% Market Share on Housewives under 50
31% Market Share Young people aged 15 to 24

Excellent word of mouth with an increase of 200,000 viewers over the last episodes.

Click on the pdf file :

  Fear by the lake Ratings.pdf


"Constant psychological tension and a good dose of emotion"
Télé Loisirs

"Tension at its highest"
Télé Magazine

"Riveting, heart-racing plot. A real success."
Télé Star

"TF1 has surpassed its competition with the launch of the series Fear on the Lake"
"5-star cast"
Sud Ouest

"An original plot carried by Julie de Bona and Lannick Gautry, a couple that works like a charm"
Le Télégramme

"Relentless action scenes, never a dull moment in these really fantastic episodes"
Télé Loisirs

"Thrilling, heart-thumping race against the clock - riveting"
Le Figaro

"Breathtaking suspense, fantastic cast"
TV Magazine

"The theme of an epidemic is presented so believably that fear incurably creeps into the heart of the viewer"
Tele Star

"Breathtaking disaster series about a mortal epidemic. The magnificent shots of Annecy and its surrounding region make an enjoyable contrast to the heart-racing story"
Tele 7 Jours

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