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Killer By The Lake

Le Tueur du lac

Cop/Investigation / Thriller



Written by Bruno Dega & Jeanne Le Guillou

Directed by

JĂ©rĂ´me Cornuau (Fear By The Lake, Fear By The Lake, Tiger Brigades, The Nest, Hotel Paradis)


Julie De Bona (The Bonfire of Destiny, Killer By The Lake, Innocent, Days of Glory)
Lannick Gautry (Fear by the Lake, The Gilded Cage, Vanished By the Lake)
Marie-Anne Chazel (Friends Forever, The Well Digger's Daughter)
Clément Manuel
Julie Depardieu (The Yellow Eyes of The Crocodiles, A Secret, Killer by the Lake, Female Agents)
Romane Bohringer
Lola Dewaere (The Target, Bright-eyed revenge, Big is beautiful)
Sophie De FĂĽrst (Profiling)
Anny Duperey (A Wonderful Family)
CĂ©cile Rebboah (Fear by the Lake, How Mum Turned To Armed Robbery, Red Band Club)


Guillaume RENOUIL - Elephant Story (Vanished by the lake, Desperate Parents)

2017 / Original language: France / Color / available in hd

Police officers Lise and Clovis met three years ago near a lake, while investigating the disappearance of a young teenager. Their work has taken them elsewhere, to the shores of another lake: Annecy, where they face the challenge of a new family life with their nine-month-old son Tom. As the couple takes on a demanding new investigation, Clovis gets secret calls and terrifying visions - and begins to reveal a dark side. To top it off, the corpses of two women have just been found, one right after the other. Lise and Clovis have no doubt: it must be the work of a serial killer. This reawakens painful memories for Lise, who must face her past while Clovis confronts his own demons. But the two of them will have to pull together and work as a team if they want to succeed in tracking down the killer…


Episode 1:
Lise and Clovis met three years ago. They're married now. She is a police captain; he is a paramilitary police commander. Their son Tom just turned 9 months old. Lise's mother Marianne, who suffers from Alzheimer's, lives nearby in a specialized care facility on the edge of the lake.
They seem happy and united, surrounded by faithful friends, when we discover the dark side of Clovis - and at the same time, the violent murder of two women. Together the couple takes on a challenging and terrifying investigation, which soon leads them to the conclusion that a serial killer is at large in Annecy. This reawakens painful memories for Lise...

Episode 2:
Lise and Clovis find a third corpse in a state of decomposition in Annecy. The woman, assassinated according to the same ritual, was probably the killer's first victim. Meanwhile, Marianne's nursing assistant Marthe is corresponding with a man on a dating site who is actually the killer.
As the case gets more complex, Lise discovers that Clovis has been lying to her about his frequent absences and decides to confront him. And their friend and neighbor Laure is getting harassed by a terrifying man.

Episode 3:
Marthe is found dead in her own home. She is the killer’s fourth victim. Lise, in shock, asks Marianne to come live with them so that she can get her strength back before returning to the care facility, which she ran away from in the middle of the night.
As the killer continues to ensnare women, Clovis’ and Lise’s teams work hard to understand his operating methods and try to trap him.

Episode 4:
After their first operation fails, the cops and paramilitary police take the risk of setting a new trap for the killer by using Marina, an officer on Clovis’ team, as bait.
Living with Lise’s mother Marianne becomes unbearable at home, a situation worsened by the couple’s relationship crisis since Lise has been doubting her husband’s honesty. She continues her research and discovers the existence of another woman named Mathilde. Clovis is leading a double life.

Episode 5:
The killer takes two new victims: Monica, a young woman, and Yacine, a fellow officer and friend of Clovis. For Lise, it’s high time Clovis explained himself. Who is this woman Mathilde, who claims she lives with Clovis and is the mother of his child? Incapable of responding, Clovis leaves home and takes up temporary residence at police quarters.
Faced with the new murders, the prosecutor decides to appoint a superior police officer to oversee the lake killer case. It doesn’t take Diane Varella long to suspect that someone on Clovis’ or Lise’s team must be leaking information to the murderer.

Episode 6:
It’s time for the truth to be told. Clovis confesses a deep secret to Lise, who learns about the dark side of his past. Meanwhile, as new chief of investigation Varella follows leads to find the suspected leaker in the police force, she gathers troubling information about one of the agents on the case.

Episode 7:
Clovis is questioned by Varella at police headquarters. Lise and her team try to gather evidence to prove he is not guilty. They begin to suspect Lise’s psychotherapist, Alexis Geller; Lise has been confiding in him since the beginning of the investigation.
As Lise’s mother Marianne slips into a coma after trying to commit suicide by drowning, Varella gets violently assaulted by the killer.

Episode 8:
Laure, the neighbor, discovers disturbing facts about her husband and demands explanations. Lise, Clovis and their teams learn that Varella has disappeared. They suspect she has been abducted by the lake killer. They follow a lead that brings them to a hideout, where they find Varella’s lifeless body. They are right on the verge of catching the killer…


Prime-time leader – Up to 7.22M fanbase

1M viewers on non- linear TV

45,000 episodes sold

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"An excellent thriller"
"Mini-series full of suspense and secondary characters"
Télé 7 Jours

"A spin-off 100% suspense"
Télé Magazine

"Breathtaking suspense with a cleverly constructed plot"
Télé Loisirs

"Excellent fiction with a total mastery of suspense"
TV Grandes Chaines

"A series that hooks you right from the start, full of suspense and visually magnificent. Actors Julie de Bona and Lannick Gautry are stunningly real."
Télé Cable Satellite

"Cleverly constructed and captivating plot"
Télé 2 semaines

"A harrowing saga"
Le Figaro

"Breathtaking thriller"
"Tears, laughs and addiction, guaranteed"

"Magnificent and oppressive setting"

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