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Call my Agent!

Dix pour cent

Comedy / Drama


"The best series of the year is French!" CALL MY AGENT is a smash hit!

Created by: Fanny Herrero - Writers: Nicolas Mercier, Quoc Dang Tran, Sabrina B. Karine, Camille Chamoux, Eliane Montane, AnaĂŻs Carpita, Cecile Ducrocq, Benjamin Dupas

Directed by

CĂ©dric Klapisch (Paris, The Russian Dolls, The Spanish Apartment)

Lola Doillon (Just About Love?, In Your Hands)

Antoine Garceau


CĂ©cile de France (The Spanish Apartment, Russian Dolls and Chinese Puzzle)
Nathalie Baye (It's Only the End of the World, Beautiful Lies, Tell no one, Venus Beauty Institute)
Laura Smet (Yves Saint Laurent, Eager Bodies and The Bridesmaid)
Julie Gayet (Poly, Just One Look, Quai d’Orsay, Call My Agent!)
Joey Starr (Poliss, All About Actresses)
Audrey Fleurot (Call My Agent, Spiral, The Intouchables, French Women)
Line Renaud (Welcome to the Sticks)
Françoise Fabian (Me, Myself and Mum, Belle de Jour)
François Berléand (Call My Agent!, Transporter 1 to 3, Tell No One)
Camille Cottin (Call my Agent, The Parisian Bitch)
Gregory Montel
Thibault de Montalembert
Liliane Rovère (TV Series Call my Agent)


Mon Voisin Productions, Mother Production: Dominique Besnehard, Michel Feller, Harold Valentin, Aurélien Large

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Every day is like walking a tightrope for talent agents Mathias, Gabriel, Andrea and Arlette, striving to get contracts for prestigious clients like Cécile de France, Nathalie Baye and other top actors. With a tight-knit team like a dysfunctional family, there’s just as much drama and laughter off-screen as on!
When naive young Camille, actually Mathias’ illegitimate daughter, shows up in Paris pushing for a job, she leads us into the life of the agency and behind the scenes of the wild world of stardom. In the wake of the agency boss’ death, everyone has to pull together to stay afloat. It's one impossible situation after the next as the agents juggle their professional and personal lives on the fine line
between artistic integrity and paying the bills.


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In episode 1, Cécile struggles to meet the challenges of preparing to play the lead in Quentin Tarantino’s next movie, revealing the fragility beneath her public image of atypical strength and energy. Little does she know she doesn’t actually have the role. Her agent Gabriel is too petrified to tell her Tarantino has changed his mind – and that it’s an “age problem.” But how long can he keep it a secret?

In episode 2, Françoise Fabian, slated to play the lead in an audacious young director’s film, pulls out at the last minute. Gabriel convinces Line Renaud to replace her, sparking an old rivalry between the two stars that dates back to their school days. Françoise uses her characteristic glamour and finesse to get the role back, but Line holds on tenaciously with her irresistible frankness and warmth. It’s a war that can’t be won! How can the agents save the film and keep the agency’s reputation from being torn to shreds by the actress left behind?

In episode 3, Nathalie Baye and daughter Laura Smet, chosen for the leads in a Swedish drama, are excited about sharing the big screen for the first time – until they learn they’ll have to spend three months shooting in close quarters on a cold, remote little Swedish island. They both want out, but neither of them has the courage to admit it to the other. Instead, each goes to great lengths to try to get herself fired. Their hilarious antics don’t fool the director – but will the actresses ever stop acting and face the moment of truth?

In episode 4, Audrey Fleurot, saddled with debt and the responsibilities of raising a toddler and a newborn baby, is forced back to work when a fiscal inspector demands immediate payment of two years back taxes. Her agent Mathias gets her a role: but can she handle playing a pole dancing stripper? The juggling act between maternal love and professional obligations pushes Audrey and the whole agency to hysterical extremes.

In episode 5, Julie Gayet plays an aristocrat in a period film who has an affair with her servant, played by infamous bad boy JoeyStarr. Despite their conflicting characters and work methods, unexpected romantic sparks fly – on screen and off! But Julie’s sensitive nature can’t handle Joey Starr’s brutal ways. Can the beauty tame the beast?

In episode 6, François’ capacity for self-derision is put to the test when he accepts the title role in a stage production of Don Juan portrayed like a kitsch 80’s ladies’ man. When the young hip director insists he do a ludicrous jacuzzi scene, he walks out. But actually, it’s to hide his deep dark secret: he can’t swim! His agent Andrea negotiates compromises, but things just get worse. The truth has got to come out – but how?


International Emmy Awards - Nominee Best Comedy

La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival


Broadcaster: FRANCE 2 On October 14, 2015

#1 prime time ratings among all networks above TF1!
More than 4.8 million viewers with 20.2% of market share.
A record!



"Awesome touches of humor" "Impeccable casting"
GQ Magazine

"A mix of humor and dramatic situations" "Compelling, respectful and delightful"
Le Monde

"A remedy for gloom."

"An irresistible comedy"
Version Femina

"A caustic series"

"Audacious and Biting"
20 minutes

"The best series of the year is French!"
Le Parisien

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