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A Wonderful Family - Season 14

Une famille formidable - Saison 14

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 50 episodes


25 Years of joy and tears with the same actors!

Directed by

Joël Santoni


Anny Duperey (A Wonderful Family)
Bernard Le Coq (The Flower of Evil, A Wonderful Family)
BĂ©atrice Agenin
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),
Kamel Belghazi (A Wonderful Family, Secrets of State)
Alexandre Thibault
CĂ©cile Caillaud
Geoffrey Sauveaux


Panama Productions, PM Holding

2017 / Original language: French / Color

This new season brings our Wonderful Family to a crossroads. After the shock of Reine's death, everyone gradually rediscovers a zest for life. And as usual, the Beaumonts don't do things half way! Fred, despite her handicap, gives birth to a little girl - and rises to the challenge of creating a new life for herself. Jacques launches a hotel project that explodes in mid-flight. He alienates everyone, and it's one time too many. Catherine leaves him on his own in Lisbon and returns to France to be near her kids.


Up to 5M viewers on TF1 Prime Time with a Market Share of 21.4%
More than 4M viewers on catch up TV

Click on the pdf file :

  A Wonderful Family S14.pdf


"Pure enjoyment"
Aujourd’hui en France

"25 years of success"
Télé 2 semaines

"Extravagant - Nostalgic sequences punctuate these thrilling new episodes"
Télé Cable Satellite

"Endearing characters, a good dose of humor and a lovely emotional touch"
Télé Loisirs

"The Beaumonts are back on their family adventures. A combo of sneaky little secrets, big deceptions and moments of true joy."
Télé Z

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