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Clem, Teen Mom - Season 8

Clem - Saison 8

SERIES 10 x 52' in a series totalizing 45 episodes
Comedy drama


A moving and high-rated comedy about being a teen ... and a mom!

Directed by

Elsa Bennett

Hippolyte Dard


Victoria Abril (Sin Noticias de Dios, Kika, High Heels)
Lucie Lucas
Philippe Lellouche
Léa Lopez
Agustin Galiana
Carole Richert (Clem, Teen Mom)
Jean Dell
Elodie Fontan (City Hunter, Serial (Bad) Weddings)
Kevin Elarbi
Virgil Amadei


Merlin Productions

2017 / Original language: French / Color

This year, everyone is enjoying a well-deserved moment of happiness. But the time has come for Caro, Clem and the whole clan to start taking risks.
Clem doesn't want to settle for a life without passion anymore. She questions her relationship and finds a new job. But the changes open up old wounds that affect Valentin.
Meanwhile, Caro helps Adrian look for his biological father. But the search for the first true love of her youth could have dire consequences on her marriage.
This season, every member of the clan has to do some soul-searching and navigate through troubled waters on their quest for happiness. New people show up and others go, some break up while others are reunited, from Salome to Xavier and Ines to Alyzée, not to forget Michel and Marie-France. This time, not a single member of the clan is spared. And it all leads up to a big trip to the other side of the world where they can all finally get together - most of them, anyway.


Episode 36 - A Fresh Start
Summer vacation in Cheynouville is coming to an end. It's the beginning of a new adventure for Clem. With their new apartment, Valentin and Emma are finally going to have their own rooms. Everything is going great. Then one night, Clem and Alyzee's lives are turned upside down. Clem is victim of an assault. She steps into action, fights back and learns that living means taking risks. But at what cost?

Episode 37 - All New Anouchka
Xavier's daughter Anouchka finally comes home! A surprise visit organized by Caro, who saw how depressed her husband was being away from his kids. Though only planning to visit two weeks, Anouchka insists upon staying for good to live with her father. Touched by his daughter's distress, Xavier fights to regain custody. Meanwhile, Clem has to lie to get the job of her dreams. But the lie backfires.

Episode 38 - Where is Your Father?
Clem and Caro are both fighting for their sons. Valentin is down in the dumps. He has to write a paper about his family and doesn't know what to say about Julien. Meanwhile, Alyzee assigns Caro the mission of finding Adrian's father, her first true love. Is that really such a good idea?

Episode 39 - Paso Doble
Antonio, Caro's first love, has now become a part of Adrian, Alyzee and Pablo's lives. But Xavier hardly approves of Antonio's return. He can't stand the idea of him moving to Cheynouville. Especially since Christmas is coming and Adrian is looking forward to finally spending the holiday with his father.
Between Marie-France's preparations, Clem's boyfriends and Antonio's arrival, Christmas with the Munoz family is sure to be an epic saga!

Episode 40 - Trouble City
Caro and Xavier's relationship has gone sour. Adrian, completely oblivious, pressures his father to come live in Cheynouville, which only makes things worse.
Meanwhile, Salome takes up the cause of fighting a real estate development that would destroy Cheynouville's historical downtown. She gets everyone involved in the action, including Caro and Xavier, who see it as an opportunity to get close again. But will that be enough?

Episode 41 - A Matter of Choice
Antonio takes advantage of Xavier's absence to try to win Caro back. After a nice evening together, he tosses caution to the wind and goes for it. Will Caro be able to resist? Clem is fraught with temptation, too. Though she knows she should stay away from Baptiste, she can't help being really attracted to him - and it's mutual. Meanwhile, Marie-France has started off on a surprising new professional adventure.

Episode 42 - The Art of Being a Dad
Michel is back to work. Times are tough for Adrian, who goes back to teaching Spanish again. His ambitions are thwarted right when his family dreams are fading. Why does Alyzee refuse to have another child? On the Munoz side, Clem and Salome's father, Jean-Paul, is back! And life together with his daughter is stormy to say the least. It's hard being the "long-distance father". With Michel, however, it's a happy reunion and Jean-Paul's presence is perfect timing. Michel is back on the job as principal, but he has doubts. He has other plans in mind, and there's a good chance Marie-France won't like them.

Episode 43 – Family Secrets
Salome and Jean-Paul are finally getting along! He even manages to get his daughter an internship with Marie-France. Happiness seems to have returned to the clan... until Adrian and Alyzee show up with a baby. Everyone is stunned. Who is this baby? Where did it come from? Has the young couple in love just taken a big risk? Meanwhile, Ines is acting more and more strange, and Jean-Paul, who is very worried, seems to be the only one to understand what's going on with her.

Episode 44 - If Love Was Enough
Caro and Clem return from Canada. Caro wants a break from her love life. Clem decides to invest her energy in a business project. But nothing goes as planned for either of them. When Xavier leaves Caro alone, an unlikely friend falls madly in love with her. And Clem has to contend with Baptiste, who doesn't approve of her ambition to make "monbiogeste" a success.

Episode 45 - With Or Without You!
Caro is sure she loves Xavier. The only problem is, he won't leave his kids, who are living in Canada now. She has to face the cruelest dilemma of all: abandon her clan to be with the one she loves, or stay with her family, far from Xavier. Meanwhile, Clem has figured out that Baptiste has a hidden soft spot keeping him from committing to a real relationship. Plagued with doubt, they end up finding the solution when one of their friends gets married.


Average of 5.35 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 33.5% Market Share Housewives
and 22% Market Share 4+

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"Season eight is great"
"Stories full of imagination and characters you can really identify with"

"Touching moments and a rich script"

"You won't be bored with this new season"

"A new, more vibrant and dynamic season"

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