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Bright-eyed revenge - Season 2

La vengeance aux yeux clairs - Saison 2

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 14 episodes
Cop/Investigation / Thriller


New battle to fight: save her daughter at any cost, even her own freedom. Can anything stop her?

Franck Ollivier (Empire of the Wolves, Taxi Brooklyn)

Directed by

David Morley (S.J.U Special Juvenil Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)


Laëtitia Milot (Olivia, Life’s so Sweet, Bright-eyed Revenge, A Baby for Christmas)
Claire Borotra (Birghd-Eyed Revenge, Death List, Vanished By the Lake)
Bernard Yerlès (Buddies, Lovers... Dramas, Foreign Investigations)
Lannick Gautry (Fear by the Lake, The Gilded Cage, Vanished By the Lake)
Clémentine Justine (Profiling)
Benoît Michel (Desperate Parents)
Lola Dewaere (The Target, Bright-eyed revenge, Big is beautiful)

2017 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

The new season begins with Olivia on a quest to find and save her daughter Lou. Nothing can stop her, not even her arch enemy, Etienne Chevalier, the man who had Lou kidnapped. But her mission takes on a suspenseful twist. Alone and against all odds, she manages to track down Lou’s location. But the new police officer on the case thinks she is nothing but a lawless renegade. Caught in the crossfire, Olivia is forced to give herself up and gets thrown in jail. She struggles to survive the hostile world of prison and begins to question her own motivations. Has she become so blinded by the need for vengeance that she has done more collateral damage than good to those around her? How can she stop the machine? Faced with Etienne’s new evil schemes, she has only one possible ally left: Alexandre, the father of her child. Does she dare risk revealing her true identity to him?


Episode 1:
Olivia learns that Etienne Chevalier has kidnapped her daughter Lou and will stop at nothing to find her. Alone on her quest, she manages to find out where he has taken Lou. But Captain Caradec, the new police officer on the case, thinks she is nothing but a lawless renegade.

Episode 2:
Caught in the crossfire, Olivia is forced to give herself up. In truth, it's part of her secret strategy to try to get the police on her side - which fails. It's not long before she is accused of murder and suspected of being responsible for her own daughter's disappearance! Olivia has only one possible ally left: Alexandre, her ex-boyfriend, father of her child. She takes the risk of revealing her true identity to him. Meanwhile, Etienne Chevalier, who has cleared the charges against him, is about to be set free.

Episode 3:
Etienne Chevalier goes back to his home and family, while Olivia is investigated on murder charges and thrown in jail. She struggles to survive the hostile world of prison. Etienne starts to engineer his plans for Lou: he wants to steal her from Olivia and raise her as his own heir. Alexandre figures out that his father has been lying, that he did in fact kidnap his daughter.

Episode 4:
Olivia realizes there is a contract on her - she is about to be assassinated in prison. She confesses to Captain Caradec that she has murdered her daughter and is willing to lead the police to the place she pretends to have buried her. But a surprise awaits them there... Meanwhile, Alexandre finds out about his father's evil plans for Lou and tries to find out where he is keeping her, even if it means putting himself in danger.

Episode 5:
Olivia succeeds in escaping and hides out with her friend Louise. She manages to meet up with Alexandre there, and the two of them finally confess they love each other. Etienne figures out that his son has betrayed him and decides to have him eliminated. Meanwhile, Caradec's colleague Pauline Jordan begins to convince him that Olivia is probably more a victim than she is guilty of crime.

Episode 6:
Olivia and Alexandre discover where Lou is being kept in Italy and succeed in taking her away. They escape and wait for the police to arrest Etienne. But Olivia realizes she will never be able to live like a fugitive. She decides to go back to Nice alone, to bring the murder of her family out into the open, once and for all.


Average of 5.50M viewers on TF1 Prime Time

Click on the pdf file :

  Bright-eyed revenge S2 Ratings.pdf


“Addictive plot, quick pace, intense suspense and a delightfully ambiguous main character”

"The Monte-Christo style avenging huntress becomes the prey"
20 Minutes

"Twists, turns, action and suspense"
Télé 7 Jours

"Season 2 hits even harder"
Télé Loisirs

"Confessions and moments of self-realization spice up the season."
Télé Magazine

"Thrilling season, action scenes non-stop"
Télé Star

"Magnificent setting. Suspense, emotion, resentment... Captivating season"
Télé Z

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