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Vanished by the lake

Le Mystère du Lac

MINI SERIES 6 x 52' and more to come
Cop/Investigation / Thriller


A town full of secrets buried under lies Now, it looks like history may be repeating itself.

Directed by

JĂ©rĂ´me Cornuau (Fear By The Lake, Fear By The Lake, Tiger Brigades, The Nest, Hotel Paradis)


Barbara Schulz (The Blacklist)
Lannick Gautry (Fear by the Lake, The Gilded Cage, Vanished By the Lake)
Marie-Anne Chazel (Friends Forever, The Well Digger's Daughter)
Philippe Duquesne (Babysitting, 9 Month Stretch, Captain Marleau, Marry Me, Dude, Babysitting)
Cyril Lecomte (The Connection, Last Call for Nowhere, Vanished by the Lake)
Claire Borotra (Birghd-Eyed Revenge, Death List, Vanished By the Lake)
Armelle Deutsch
Vincent Deniard


Guillaume RENOUIL - Elephant Story (Killer by the lake, Desperate Parents)

2014 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Lise hasn’t returned to her small hometown since the tragedy that shattered her teens. Now an urban homicide detective, she is back to care for her Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother. But the day she arrives, a neighbor’s teenage daughter goes missing, vanished under the exact same circumstances as Lise’s two best friends, fifteen years ago. Determined to prevent history from repeating itself, Lise imposes herself on the local cops, led by hard-boiled detective Clovis, to help find the missing girl. Desperate for answers, Lise takes it upon herself to revisit the cold case of her vanished friends and, facing her own painful memories, is confronted by her mother’s recollections, including some shocking new revelations. But can the old lady’s memory be trusted? Lise gets way more involved than she should as she starts to see how the unsolved mystery has traumatized the town’s collective consciousness and how everyone there is a suspect. But as she and Clovis inch closer to the truth, it becomes clear that understanding the past might be the only way to save the day and find the missing girl… if she is still alive.



Lise Stocker, captain of the Paris crime bureau, goes back to her home town. The previous night, during a local celebration, young teen Chloe went missing. Her disappearance is just like the missing persons case for Lise's two best friends, who also vanished one night fifteen years ago during the same celebration.
Lise befriends Karine, the mother of the missing girl, and begins her investigation side-by-side with Clovis, the local chief of police.


Lise has a lot on her plate dealing with primary suspect Remi Bouchard on the run and her mother's Alzheimer's disease. She realizes she is actually leading a double investigation, because finding out what happened to Chloe could also explain what happened to her two best friends who were never found.
Past and present commingle in more ways than one. Lise's former boyfriend Thomas, who has become a doctor, still seems attractive as ever.


Remi Bouchard is arrested again, just like he was fifteen years ago, but Lise is not so sure he is guilty, especially when he informs her that the former prosecutorial investigation against him was biased and certain elements were left out. The investigator at that time was none other than Lise's own father, who since committed suicide. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth?


Though Chloe's father Herve appears guiltless, Thomas seems to be in an increasingly suspicious position. But he is not the only one. Ana's brother Hugo, who was just a child when his sister disappeared, also had a relationship with Chloe - a violent one.
While Lise and Clovis try to understand, it appears that Remi Bouchard is telling the truth - the investigation led fifteen years ago was falsified. But to protect who? There were two on the case: Serge, still heading up the investigation today, and Fred, Lise's father.


Chloe's body and the remains of Ana and Marion are found at the bottom of a crevice. Chloe is in a coma and cannot respond, but it now seems evident that it's the same perpetrator today as it was fifteen years ago.
Remi Bouchard's alibi is confirmed: it's not him. Clovis has to set him free. All of a sudden, Lise is struck by the obvious: what if the guilty party was someone even closer to her? Even closer than her own father?


What if Clovis was wrong to set Remi Bouchard free? Immediately after he went to see Chloe in her hospital room, she went into critical condition. But suspicions soon point to another suspect: Nicolas Mazaud, Chloe's French teacher, who was Ana, Marion and Lise's teacher, too. This time all the evidence weighs in against him.
Remi is ahead of everyone, and decides to get revenge. But it's already too late: Mazaud jumps to his death. Despite his letter of confession, is Mazaud really guilty as suspected?


UP TO 7.5 MILLION FANBASE. 35.5% Market Share Housewives.



"Visually evoking Hopper's paintings, the director adds a very unique atmosphere."
Le Figaro

"Fascinating and subtle"

"Director JĂ©rĂ´me Cornuau gets the best of both worlds, unfurling his thriller tactfully but powerfully"
Le Parisien

«An excellent series»

«An addictive story that builds at a quick pace, full of twists»

«A masterful plot»

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