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Leo Mattei, Special Unit

Leo Mattei

SERIES 24 x 52'


The gritty and breathless investigations of a highly committed cop, in charge of Paris’ Juvenile Protection Unit.

Directed by

Tristan Aurouet (The Secret Adventures of Gustav Klopp)

Ludovic Colbeau (No Limit)

David Morley (Leo Mattei: Special Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)


Jean-Luc Reichmann


LGM Films

Delivery: 18 ep available - ep 19, 20 & 21 in December 2018 + 3 more in March 2019

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / stereo Mix 5.1 / available in hd

Leo Mattei, captain of the Paris Juvenile Protection Unit. Highly trained and deeply compassionate, but above all, totally committed to the safety and well-being of kids and teens. And when he needs to bend the law for them, he does.
Leo Mattei’s fast-paced, emotionally charged investigations explore a vast array of issues faced by kids and their families, in today's world.


Episode 1 “The Eyes Have It”
Two thieves break into a house and discover an eight-year old in respiratory distress. They hesitate, but end up calling emergency services. The child is in a coma. Mattei investigates into the circumstances of the poisoning that caused the child to fall ill. Suspicions veer towards the parents, but the child wakes up and incriminates one of the thieves. The Attorney General pushes Mattei to track them down, but Mattei is convinced that the father is the perpetrator. In the end, he discovers that the mother, suffering from Munchhausen syndrome, was the one who was trying to kill her son.

Episode 2 “Missing Persons”
An inseparable trio of young girls, 15 years old, are reported missing from their junior high school. Mattei is immediately convinced that the girls are in danger, and sounds the kidnapping alert to get the police force out on search. While the investigation reveals disagreements between the girls, in what seemed like the image of perfect friendship, the victims are found in the forest: one of them was attacked and left for dead; the two others, in a state of shock, can’t speak. In the end, Mattei discovers that one of the girls, jealous of the strong bond between the two others, wanted to scare her rival; but the joke took a wrong turn.

Episode 3 "The Haunting Return"
In a pretty little home in a quaint suburb, a family is getting ready for school. Suddenly, a piercing scream sounds through the house. It’s the youngest boy, who has “seen a ghost in the yard.” His father reassures him that ghosts don’t exist. To prove it, he opens the door – and finds himself face to face with Lea, a 12-year old girl with a haggard look, completely disoriented. She asks them who they are and where her family has gone. When the father, trying to calm her down, puts a hand on her shoulder, she starts yelling and fighting wildly.

It is Lea Jacquet, who was kidnapped six years earlier and has finally managed to escape. Matteï struggles to get the young girl to talk. She finally reveals that she still has “two sisters” who are back at the place where she has been kept for six years.

Two other children are still being held captive. Clara and Jonathan attempt to identify these two missing persons by age and date of kidnapping. They scan old photos and digitally age the girls’ faces to identify the two “sisters.” The fact that they have been abducted in totally different places indicates that the kidnapper is a frequent traveler.

For Jeanne, it is an urgent case. The kidnapper must be psychologically destabilized by Lea’s escape. He must be making life hell for the two surviving girls, and will be likely to kidnap another girl to make the family “complete” again.

But Lea becomes more and more shut down, and her panic attacks become more frequent. MatteĂŻ has to help her get through the trauma and free of the Stockholm syndrome. Lea comes to understand that the only way to detach herself from her captor is to see him arrested.

She accepts to act as bait to make the wolf come out of his den. She speaks to the press and media and lets her current address leak out.
The trap is set to catch the predator.

Episode 4 “Manipulations”

A teenage girl runs away from home to meet up with a young man she’s been chatting with on the Internet, but has never seen. Mattei investigates to determine the real identity of her virtual sweetheart.
And soon suspects him to be a dangerous manipulator.

Episode 5 "In the Name of the Son"

Jeremy Levasseur kidnaps his own son in plain sight of his ex-partner. Mattei and his team head up an urgent investigation to find the child right away – before his father can leave the country with him.

Episode 6 "Under Pressure"

Fourteen-year-old Romain, harassed by a gang, hurries out of high school. Suddenly, a car speeds up and hits him. The driver escapes. Mattei’s unit investigates daily teenage pressures and harassment at the school to identify the perpetrator of the hit-and-run.

Episode 7 "Runaway Love"
A teenager suffering from hypothermia goes into a coma after being wounded by an accidental gunshot in the forest a few miles outside Paris. The SJU finds out the boy has a history of troubled and violent behavior. His parents have placed him in a Juvenile Detention Center that uses questionable disciplinary methods.

Episode 8 "Family Secrets"
A seventeen-year old girl jumps out of a window but survives the fall. In the hospital, the teenager, who is seven months pregnant, claims to have been raped and insists on ending the baby's life even though she is far beyond the legal limit. The SJU is called in to clarify the circumstances leading up to her suicide attempt. From the very beginning of the investigation, all the girl's claims seem dubious.

Episode 9 "The End of Innocence"
A live baby is found abandoned in a high school bathroom next to a large puddle of blood. The child belongs to Sophie, a teenager with an impeccable school record, who is quickly identified and located by Mattei and his team. She is rushed to the hospital, where examinations reveal she was a rape victim, though she has no memory of it - and was in denial about being pregnant, having been under the influence of a heavy narcotic.

Episode 10 "On Their Own"
Fourteen-year-old Nicolas gets attacked on the street by a biker. Mattei investigates and finds out that he and his seventeen-year-old sister Laetitia and brother Boubacar have been living on their own for several months. Their mother is gone. Their neighbor Corinne has been helping the kids and acting like their mother so that they won't be sent to an orphanage. To keep them from being separated, Mattei takes them into his own home.

Episode 11 "Back to the Past"
The skeleton of a 12-year-old girl is dug up in the woods of Vincennes. The body seems to have been buried for three years. It could correspond to the profiles of three different girls. One of them is Mattei's daughter, who went missing three years ago.

Episode 12 "Free Generation"
A 16-year-old young woman runs away barefoot in the middle of the night, and then faints.
She is brought to a hospital. Her undergarments are missing and she has marks and bruises from being hit. She was probably a rape victim.

Episode 13 "One Angry Man"
Guillard, a cop in the Organized Crime Division, digs up a bag full of banknotes in the middle of the forest and discovers the corpse of a young girl. Though devastated, he buries it all up again, looking determined.
At the same time, the Juvenile Unit calls him. His girlfriend's son has just attacked a fellow student with a combat knife. Furious, Guillard rushes to unit headquarters to get the teen released. Under pressure from this respected cop, Mattei agrees to let the kid go, but decides to secretly investigate Guillard, who seems to have something to hide.

Episode 14 "Ripped Apart"
Lucie Dervin is a happy mother. Until one afternoon, taking her daughter Iris to the park next door, Lucie watches her daughter get kidnapped.
Police manage to arrest the abductor, who claims that Iris is her own daughter, kidnapped at birth from the clinic where she had the baby. The case goes to the Special Juvenile Unit. What family does Iris belong to - Dervin or Mosquera? Mattei and his team find themselves dealing with the most sensitive investigation they have ever had.

Episode 15 "Out of Control"
Leo Mattei and his team are in charge of finding the aggressors of a young teen violently beaten up in a park by a gang of kids. Unfortunately, there are no leads and no links between the different victims they find. The Juvenile Unit wonders if he was attacked by teens engaged in Happy Slapping, the new trend of beating up people who pass on the street while filming it all for the Internet.

Episode 16 "Crime of Birth"
Cyril Aubin, a teen with a clean record, gets violently attacked at home during an attempted robbery. Problem is, Mattei and his team soon wonder if a thief actually broke in to Cyril's house. Mattei immediately suspects Cyril's father of child abuse, while Jeanne questions the teen's mental health and wonders if he is schizophrenic, dangerous to himself and others. Mattei has very little time to solve the case before the court commits Cyril to an institution.

Episode 17 "At Evil's Mercy" (part 1)
Leo Mattei gets a strange call from Quentin, son of his former neighbors back when he was living a happy family life. Breathless and terrified, the young man mentions Mattei's daughter Eloise, kidnapped eight years earlier. Mattei rushes off to Marseille to help Quentin and figure out what he was trying to say - only to find him murdered on the beach. Joining forces with Olivia Riviere, head of Marseille's Juvenile Protection Unit, Mattei soon finds out that Quentin's death is linked to the abduction of an eight-year-old girl named Clemence. Could the kidnapping of that girl and his own daughter be related?

Episode 18 "At Evil's Mercy" (part 2)
Overwhelmed to have finally found his daughter, Mattei faces the double challenge of coming to terms with a young woman traumatized by eight years of captivity. Eloise, now 16, has been manipulated for years by a man who called himself David. Though she is finally free, her captor is still at large. It's a race against the clock for Mattei and Olivia, who have to find him before it's too late. Eloise is still under the influence of her captor. Can her father get her to listen to reason?


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