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The Guy next Door

Le monsieur d'en face

Romantic comedy

When a single mother in a custody battle finds an unexpected ally in her reclusive landlord-neighbor...

Directed by

Alain Robillard


Yves RĂ©nier (Designated Killer, Moulin is back)
Ingrid Chauvin (Two Many Cooks, White Hands, The Mole, Dolmen, Ladies of the Law)
Eliott Parillaud


BB Films / BE Films / TSR

2006 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / Stereo

Nathalie is a single mother whose life resembles an obstacle course, which includes raising a 10 year old son, Leo, and fighting off the threats of expulsion from Mr. Martin, her reclusive misanthrope of a landlord - and next-door neighbor.
To complicate life even more, there is now Leo's father, Vincent, who has always fled his paternal responsibilities but now demands custody of his son.
Mother and son suddenly find a unexpected ally in ... Mr. Martin. A former lawyer, he has taken a liking to Leo, but his obsessive-compulsive behavior in court only leads to Nathalie’s loss of Leo’s custody.
Yet, these tragic-comic events mark the beginning of a romance between Nathalie and Mr. Martin which will allow the embittered recluse to pick up the pieces of his broken past.


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