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The Love Test

Chassé-croisé amoureux

Romantic comedy

Is he going to pass the "love test"?
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Directed by

GĂ©rard Cuq


Charlotte Kady (The Edge of Truth, Mediterranee)
Ingrid Chauvin (Two Many Cooks, White Hands, The Mole, Dolmen, Ladies of the Law)
Philippe Caroit (Deep Secrets, Mediterranee)
Richaud Valls (Tiger Brigades, Police Wars: the Hunt for Jacques Mesrine)



2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Elsa and Sabine have been best friends for years. They are both single, but Sabine thinks that she has found the man of her dreams. Since both women have been disappointed in love before, they decide to put Thierry to the test: does he truly love Sabine as much as she loves him? Or is she just another passing fling in his life? Does he have someone else?
To test Thierry's faithfulness and sincerity, Elsa passes herself off as Sabine's country cousin and asks Thierry to put her up for a few days.


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