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Ducoboo 2 - Crazy Vacation

Les vacances de Ducobu

Comedy / Action/Adventure

By the Director & Producer of SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS - Box-office hit for the whole family!

By the director of Serial (Bad) Wedding

Directed by

Philippe de Chauveron (Serial (Bad) Weddings, Ducoboo 1 & 2 - scriptwriter of Neuilly Yo Mama!)


Elie Semoun (Ducoboo, Asterix at the Olympic Games)
Joséphine de Meaux (Daddy Cool, Dheepan, Ducoboo)
Helena Noguerra (Heartbreaker)
Bruno Salomone (Desperate Parents)
Pierre François Martin-Laval (Serial Teachers, Ducoboo 2 - Crazy Vacation)
Juliette Chappey (Ducoboo, The Age of Reason)


Romain Rojtman – Les Films du 24

2012 / Original language: French / Color / 1.85 / Dolby SR SRD / available in hd & 2k

Look out, Ducoboo is back! Summer is finally here and Ducoboo, #1 worst student, is free at last! Free for two whole months, to read comics and eat ice cream on the sunny beaches of the French Riviera. Paradise.
But Ducoboo's father bursts his bubble with very different plans: they will vacation with their neighbors, Ducoboo's schoolmate Leonie, top of the class, and her attractive single mom. Up at dawn to visit museums, Leonie and her mother impose their rhythm.
The summer seems definitely ruined when Ducoboo realizes that his arch enemy and sadistic teacher, Mr Latouche, is booked in the same resort as them! Searching for ways to save his vacation, the fearless and ingenious Ducoboo uncovers clues that could lead him to a hidden pirate treasure...
A lively, clever comedy for the whole family!


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