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The Lion

Le Lion



When a shrink breaks out his most dangerous patient, to help save his kidnapped girlfriend... and ends up in more trouble than he can possibly imagine.

Directed by

Ludovic Colbeau-Justin (The Lion, Hunted, Léo Mattéi, No Limit, Rolling to You as cinematographer, Just one look)


Dany Boon (La Ch’tite Famille, R.A.I.D. Special Unit, Penny Pincher)
Philippe Katerine (Sink or Swim)
Anne Serra
Samuel Jouy
Sophie Verbeeck (The Red Collar, All About Them)
Carole Brana (Carbon)


Monkey Pack Films

Delivery: JANUARY 29TH, 2020

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 2.40 / available in uhd & 4k

Straight-laced shrink Romain is fascinated by his new psych ward patient Leo Milan, who claims to be a highly-trained international spy, code-named The Lion. But of course, that’s just crazy talk, right? Maybe not.

When Romain’s fiancée is kidnapped before his very eyes, just as The Lion predicted, Romain realizes that Leo is the only one who seems to know what’s going on. And only he has the skills to rescue her. Desperate, Romain breaks out The Lion and does his best to keep up with him, in a frantic chase across Paris to rescue Louise and protect France’s central bank from the heist of the century. Along the way, he has no choice but to admit that The Lion does display some pretty unique talents like a real spy.

But as the unlikely duo gets deeper and deeper into major trouble, Romain starts to realize that The Lion’s identity might be linked to a very personal trauma…


RTL (radio)
"Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine in an explosive adventure"
"Entertaining, elegant and well-written"

C NEWS (printed press)
"A duo that has brilliance to spare"

France 3 (TV)
"Large-scale sets, huge, inventive fight scenes, stunts... Pretty rare and audacious for a family comedy"

La Voix du Nord (printed press)
"Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine reunite in a delightful spy comedy whipped up with a welcome wind of madness"

Tele 7 jours (printed press)
"A good bit of fun"

BFM TV News (TV)
"Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine are totally wacky in this buddy comedy"

France Info (radio)
"Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine make a powerful duo"

Hebdo TV8
“Humor and action guaranteed”
“Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine make a priceless duo that brings back memories of the great deFunès and Bourvil”
"Very funny yet touching”
“A comedy to really clear your head!"

Le Matin Dimanche
“The Lion has an entrancing way of slipping into the dark waters of schizophrenia”