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Let It Snow

La Deuxième Etoile



When Jean-Gabriel's perfectly organized family ski holiday turns into a multi-generational, logistical and emotional nightmare, only he still believes he can pull it off.

Directed by

Lucien Jean-Baptiste (He Even Has Your Eyes, First Snow)


Lucien Jean-Baptiste (He Even Has Your Eyes, First Snow)
Firmine Richard (The Roommates Party, First Snow, 8 Women)
Anne Consigny (Elle, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)
Roland Giraud (The Gilded Cage, Three Men and a Cradle)
Loreyna Colombo (TV Series Munch, First Snow)
Ludovic François
Michel Jonasz
Edouard Montoute (Taxi)
Jimmy Woha-Woha


Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, Pierre Kubel (Vendredi Film) and Stéphane Célérier, Valérie Garcia (Mars Films)

2017 / Original language: French / Color / 2.40 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Married father of four, Jean-Gabriel is a TV weatherman. And for Christmas this year, he’s decided to take the wife and kids on a family ski holiday.
But Jean-Gabriel’s organizational skills are put to the test in a big way when his teenagers decide they have better things to do and would rather not go; his very pushy, intrusive mother turns up unannounced from the Antilles with a pig; his best buddy Jojo asks him to look after his beloved Hummer; and to top it all off, his wife announces she has to stay behind and take care of her ailing father, a semi-disabled military vet who has refused to see her ever since she got married.
But to Jean-Gabriel, family is sacred. And so is Christmas. Even if that means reconciling the irreconcilable!

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“Lucien Jean-Baptiste does wonders”
“A family comedy for everyone”
Direct Matin

“A family comedy full of energy”

“The ski trip tribulations continue, this time Antilles-style”

“An avalanche of laughter”
France 2 “C’est au programme”

“A delightful family comedy for the season”

“Very enjoyable and refreshing entertainment”