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In The Shadow Of Iris


Film-noir / Cop/Investigation / Thriller


When nothing is what it seems

Written by Andrew Bovell (Lantana, A Most Wanted Man)

Directed by

Jalil Lespert (24 Mesures, Headwinds, Yves Saint Laurent)


Romain Duris (The New Girlfriend, Mood Indigo, Chinese Puzzle, Heartbreaker)
Charlotte Le Bon (Arctic Heart, Yves Saint Laurent, Mood Indigo)
Jalil Lespert (Human Resources)
Camille Cottin (Call my Agent, The Parisian Bitch)
Sophie Verbeeck (The Red Collar, All About Them)
Adel Bencherif (Of Gods and Men, A Prophet)


Wassim Béji for WY Productions

2016 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Rich, powerful bank executive Antoine Doriot has lunch with his beautiful wife Iris, who mysteriously disappears while he is paying the bill. He gets a demand for a huge ransom, and under the surveillance of police detective Nathalie Vasseur, sets out to a lonely railway station to drop off the money. But Iris isn't there.
Flashback: Max, a divorced father and car mechanic crippled by debt, gets a call from Iris, who convinces him to play out her fake kidnapping for money. But nothing goes as planned. Max finds Iris dead.
Now he's got a murder on his hands and nothing makes sense. Max is in too deep and can’t come clean. Racked with doubt and pursued by investigators, his cover-ups only get him in deeper. The only way out is to take matters into his own hands, turn the tables on the game and dig up the truth. What happened to Iris?


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