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Father-Son Boot Camp

Père Fils Thérapie !

Action/Adventure / Comedy


The adventures of a father-son cop duo who, despite being fiercely competitive must team up on a mission that only they can handle

Screenwriters: Philippe de Chauveron (Serial (Bad) Weddings, Last Call for Nowhere), Guy Laurent, Emile Gaudreault (Mambo Italiano, Fathers and guns)

Directed by

Emile Gaudreault (Mambo Italiano, Fathers and guns)


Richard Berry (22 Bullets, The Valet, Ruby & Quentin)
Waly Dia (The Grad Job)
Jacques Gamblin (Hippocrates, The Finishers, The Names of Love)
Julie Ferrier (French Women, Heartbreaker)
Baptiste Lorber
Patrice Coquereau (Laurence Anyways)
Charles-Alexandre Dubé (Starbuck)
Manuel Tadros (Tom At The Farm)
Rachid Badouri
Marc Bodnar
Damien Jouillerot (Love, Malabar Princess)
Alice Balaïdi (French Women, Hotel Normandy)


Edouard de Vesinne (INCOGNITA FILMS) & Denise Robert, Emile Gaudreault (CINEMAGINAIRE)

2015 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Jacques and Marc, both cops, are also father and son who do not get along. They are forced to team up on an undercover mission to bust a mobster and save the life of a police officer held hostage. The problem is, they haven’t spoken in two years. The mobster’s trusted lawyer has a family crisis on his hands: in order to save their troubled son, his wife enrolls them in a father-son boot camp. Jacques and marc have no choice but to attend the week-long survival camp. Deep down in the wilderness, things quickly turn rough as fathers and sons must participate in odd but revealing therapy exercises. No one suspects how crazy this whole adventure is about to get!


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