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The Canterville Ghost

Le fantôme de Canterville

Comedy / Fantasy


For an 18th-century ghost, it’s a tough job being scary in the 2015!

Directed by

Yann Samuell (War of the Buttons, Love Me If You Dare, With Love from the Age of Reason)


Audrey Fleurot (Call My Agent, Spiral, The Intouchables, French Women)
Michaël Youn (Vive la France)
Michèle Laroque (My Brilliant Divorce, Just Retired, The Closet, My Life in Pink)


Yves Marmion – Les Films du 24

Delivery: Completed

2015 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Poor 16-year old Virginia, yanked away from Paris and her hopes of becoming an actress by her kooky zen-crazed mother and workaholic father, who have just made an impulse buy of an isolated old castle in Brittany. Moving in, they are attacked by the ghost of Canterville, Aliénor, a brazen and brilliant 18th-century noblewoman and feminist ahead of her time, soul damned to the earth because she would yield to no man. Helped by her faithful footman - who has a habit of losing his head! - She has been invincible for hundreds of years. But scaring this family away is no easy task! 18th-century scare tactics just don’t work in the 21st century.

Virginia gets help from Erwan, a local boy who falls head over heels for her. When she makes a pact with Aliénor to find modern methods to oust her family, she is plunged into the past to relive the tragedy of Canterville’s lost love, awakening her own repressed feelings for Erwan. If only she could surmount her fears and take the leap to love. Could Virginia hold the key to unlock the secret curse upon Canterville?


"A malicious comedy"
"Family entertainment with good writing and dialogue"
Le Parisien

"A good time for young and old"
"Audrey Fleurot and Michael Youn - a remarkable duo"

"The 2.0 upgrade for Oscar Wilde's story"
Radio RTS