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The Secret of Arkandias

Le Grimoire d’Arkandias

Comedy / Fantasy


Faced with the threat of losing his family home and school friends, an ordinary kid finds a fantastic solution

Directed by

Alexandre Castagnetti (A New Girl in Paris, Tamara, Stand by Love)

Julien Simonet


Christian Clavier (All Gone South, Serial Bad Weddings)
Isabelle Nanty (The Tuche Family)
Anémone (Jacky in the Kingdom of Women, Little Nicolas)
Armelle (The Secret of Arkandias, Neuilly yo mama, Trouble at Timpeltill)
Ryan Brodie
Timothée Coetsier
Pauline Brisy


Yves Marmion – Les films du 24

Delivery: Completed

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Based on the famous Eric Boisset trilogy read by generations of teenagers
Theo is an 11 year-old boy who dreams of becoming a hero. One day, he goes to the library and discovers a book of magic spells that contains a recipe for making an invisibility ring. If Theo could become invisible, he could prove the evil Boucher sisters were responsible for his mom losing her job. His family home would be saved and he wouldn’t have to move nor leave his best friend Bonav. Someone else was very interested in that book, however: Arkandias, a strange sorcerer with a smart monkey.
Theo, Bonav, and the rebellious but talented Laura, embark with Arkandias on a fantastic adventure through incredible places and weird people. Together, they find out they’re more heroic than they ever suspected….