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Two Much For The Job

La Classe Internationale



Overwhelmed teacher Sophia has to ramp up efforts to compete with Ms. Perfect for a teaching job in Barcelona. The war is on and nothing can stop them! Who will win?
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Directed by

Frédéric Quiring


Melha Bedia
Audrey Fleurot (Call My Agent, Spiral, The Intouchables, French Women)
François Berléand (Call My Agent!, Transporter 1 to 3, Tell No One)
Arié Elmaleh (Don’t Tell Her, The Brats)


Les Films du 24 - Mikael Abecassis

2021 / Original language: French / Color

After five years enduring horrible work conditions, Sophia finally gets chosen for a long-awaited transfer from her thankless teaching job at a rough middle school. Ecstatic to start a new life teaching at the French Lycée in Barcelona, her hopes are dashed to bits when a well-connected, over-qualified teacher at an upscale Paris school cuts in to take the position. Determined to stand her ground, Sophia and her clever neighbor Mr. Picard join forces to sabotage her competitor's candidacy. What a surprise when the sweet, picture-perfect educator deals them a swift blow in return! Sophia improves her profile by starting an adult literacy class, and even dares to get intimate with Benoit, an influential Board of Education inspector. But that only makes matters worse. The fight for the coveted job turns into a ruthless and hilarious power struggle. The war is on! No dirty trick or zany antic is off limits now! But against all odds, Sofia's new experiences make her realize that sincerity, goodwill, and most of all, community values offer a far better path to success.