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Dancing On

Alors On Danse



Pre Cannes Screening

Jun 21-2021, 03:00 pm Add to calendar

Pre Cannes Screening

Jun 22-2021, 05:00 pm Add to calendar

It’s never too late for a fresh start and a chance to pursue lost dreams…. But it’s always better together!

Directed by

Michèle Laroque (My Brilliant Divorce, Just Retired, The Closet, My Life in Pink)


Michèle Laroque (My Brilliant Divorce, Just Retired, The Closet, My Life in Pink)
Isabelle Nanty (The Tuche Family)
Patrick Timsit (50 is the New 30, Stars 80)
Thierry Lhermitte ((Just Retired, The French Minister, The Closet, The Dinner Game)


Nolita Cinéma

Delivery: UGC Distribution - January 19th, 2022

2021 / Original language: French / Color

After thirty years of marriage, Sandra finds out that her husband is having an affair with his best friend. She immediately leaves him and has no choice but to seek refuge in her childhood home, where her sister Danie still lives.
The sisters couldn’t be more different. Danie, a stubborn single with a dog and the heart of a social justice warrior vs. Sandra, a bourgeois housewife with decades of a secure lifestyle on a posh vineyard behind her.

Their cohabitation starts out rocky to say the least… But with the help of close buddies Roberto and Lucien, Danie coaxes Sandra into joining their local dance troupe, and reconnect with the greatest joy and talent of her youth.

Through their shared passion for dance and the solidarity of the troupe’s other dancers, the sisters embark on a fresh life path. Because, really, it’s never too late... even to fall in love again.