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The First Forgotten

Le Premier Oublié

TV MOVIE 2 x 50' or 100'


Looking through memory is the only way to see the future.

Négar Djavadi and Johanne Rigoulot

Directed by

Christophe Lamotte (Watch Me Burn, Profiling)


Muriel Robin (The Poisoner, Captain Marleau)
Matt Pokora
Francis Renaud (Watch Me Burn, No Second Chance)
Camille Aguilar (Profiling, Heaven Will Wait)
Grégoire Champion (Tomorrow is Ours, Bad Seeds)
Flore Bonaventura (Memories, Chinese Puzzle)


Les Films Du 24 (Jacqueline Sauvage) – M2THEP and TF1

2019 / Original language: French / Color

Adapted from the novel "Le Premier Oublié" – Published by Xo Editions

It's been a long time since Axel cut himself off from the family, in the wake of his sister Clara's death. But when the cargo boat he is working on as a cook stops off in his hometown of Bordeaux for a few hours, fate seems to catch up with him. He visits his mother Francoise and is shocked when she doesn't even recognize him. He learns she has Alzheimer's disease. But why on earth is he the first of her children to be forgotten? What secrets could that memory loss be hiding?

The only way for Axel to find out is to stop running away. It's time he confronted the past and put together the missing pieces before the memories vanish forever. So he decides to stay and take care of his mother to the very end. The urgency of the situation pushes them both to break free of their painful memories and take a chance on a new future.


Average of 6.98 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 29% market share 4+
and 37.1% market share Housewives

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