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How Mom Turned To Armed Robbery

Itinéraire d’une maman braqueuse

TV MOVIE 2 x 52'' or 104’


When it comes to earning a decent life for her kids, she'll do whatever it takes.

Clara Bourreau and Cécile Lugiez

Directed by

Alexandre Castagnetti (A New Girl in Paris, Tamara, Stand by Love)


Cécile Rebboah (Red Band Club)
Medi Sadoun (Serial (Bad) Weddings 1 & 2)
Claire Nadeau (The Tuche Family)
Catherine Allégret (Tomorrow Is Ours)
Jules Houplain
Simon Aouizerate
Pascal Demolon (Divorce à la française, Radiostars, Merry Christmas)


Elephant Story and TF1

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 2.00 / available in hd

Based on the true story
Adapted from the novel « Itinéraire d’une maman braqueuse» published by Max Milo Editions

Laura becomes a single mom to her two sons after leaving her unfaithful husband. All she really wants are life's simple pleasures: a comfortable home, a job that pays the bills and a nice meal from time to time. But soon she goes into debt and has to depend upon credit just to get by.
Despite her best intentions and hard work, even a second job, she just can't make ends meet. Creditors harass her. They want to take everything - even her dignity. Desperate, Laura can see only one solution left to save her family: stage a hold-up

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