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One Role For Two

Ni Une Ni Deux



After a failed plastic surgery, an actress hires a double to replace her on the set... Unaware that it’s her twin sister, whom she didn’t even know existed.

Directed by

Anne Giafferi


Mathilde Seigner (Back to Mom's, The Girl from Paris, Harry, He's Here to Help)
François-Xavier Demaison (My Afternoons with Marguerite, Little Nicholas, Coluche - Cesar Award nomination for Best Actor)
Arié Elmaleh (The Brats)
Marie-Anne Chazel ((The Well Digger's Daughter, Friends Forever)


Edouard de Vésinne (Incognita Films)

Delivery: May 29th, 2019

2018 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / available in uhd & 4k

After a disastrous lip injection, capricious and selfish film star Julie Varenne is in a total panic. To save her declining career, she has signed on to a comedy that starts shooting in two days, and now her face looks like a watermelon. That’s when she remembers Laurette: a modest hairdresser who recently approached her on a publicity tour, adores all her films... and looks exactly like her! What Julie doesn’t know, is that Laurette is actually her long-lost twin.
So when Julie offers to hire her to “be her” on the movie set for a couple of weeks, Laurette jumps at the chance. She pulls off her “mission” brilliantly, which drives Julie crazy with jealousy. But it’s the sharp contrast between the self-centered actress vs. the spontaneous hairdresser that starts to give away the deception. And once their secret comes out, Julie might just discover that having an accidental twin isn’t so bad after all!