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Munch - Season 2

Munch: A maverick, fun-loving lawyer!, Season 2

SERIES 10 x 52' in a series totalizing 18 episodes


She does it the wrong way - for the right reasons.

Scriptwriters: Chloé Marçais, Franck Philippon, Marie-Alice Gadea, Anthony Maugendre, Laurent Vachaud

Directed by

Gabriel Julien Laferrière (We are Family, Neuilly yo mama)

Nicolas Guicheteau (Kabul Kitchen, Spiral)


Isabelle Nanty (The Tuche Family)
Lucien Jean-Baptiste (He Even Has Your Eyes, First Snow)
Aurélien Wiik (Bright-eyed revenge, Secrets of State)
Paloma Coquant
Tom Villa


Exilène Films and JLA Productions

Delivery: Fall 2018

2018 / Original language: French / Color

The powerhouse lawyer, still as punchy and offbeat as ever, is always ready to defend a good cause - with her very unique methods! To help a dad on the run, she may have to take a legal detour, and the new Attorney General isn't going to let anything slide. It's risky enough to motivate her favorite associate Bellanger to finally come back from New York to keep an eye on the flock. The whole team is back together again to take on the many challenges of the new season. But could Munch be hiding something from us about her private life?


EPISODES 1 & 2: WHEN PATHS MEET (Part 1 et Part 2)
A desperate man takes Munch hostage right in the city courthouse. Accused of murdering a young, future champion swimmer, he claims innocence and goes on the run with his 7-year-old son, who has lost his mother. Touched by their predicament, Munch takes the case head-on and agrees to keep the runaway boy at the firm, dragging her whole team into a totally borderline adventure. Meanwhile, the new Attorney General Jerome Tillier puts Munch under high surveillance.

Munch is called into a military camp to handle a crisis: Meriem, a female soldier, is threatening to blow up an ammunition depot. The young woman claims she is in mortal danger on the base and wants to desert the army. She asks Munch to defend her. But when a soldier is found burned to death in a field near the base, it looks like Meriem is doomed. To get army officials to talk, Munch has to get to work and confront Colonel Letelier, father of the young deceased soldier.

Munch ends up being an accomplice to a prison break at a woman's correctional facility. Lise, a supermarket checkout operator, convicted of theft, escapes from prison to find out the truth about her husband Pierrick's suspicious suicide. Munch and her team break into the mortuary and investigate supermarket inventory to try to understand what happened to the unhappy family man. Meanwhile, Munch's past resurfaces and we finally discover who the little boy is in the photo on her desk.

When a renowned chef calls for Munch's help in the middle of the night, having just discovered the corpse of her assistant on the famous restaurant's kitchen floor, it opens up a case that is sure to cook up trouble for Munch. To protect her client, she sabotages the crime scene, which has an incriminating message in blood, and sends Gaspard in as an undercover spy at the restaurant's washing station. But it turns out that the victim had quite a few enemies and the talented chef didn't really tell the whole story.

Attorney General Tillier personally asks Munch to defend his half-brother Stephan, accused of murdering his best friend, a beauty star web blogger. To protect the geeky, sensitive young man and try to keep him out of prison, Munch and her team go undercover in the beauty business, and Aurelien will have to pay with his person! Meanwhile, thanks to Gaspard, Munch finally finds Joseph, her former son in law. She hasn't seen him for ten years, because his father cut off all contact after the separation. Joseph is seventeen now and needs her help.

Aurelien lobbies hard to convince Munch to defend a guilty client for once: Paul Sauveur, who killed a young man attempting to hold up his veterinary clinic. The man wants to plead that he was acting in self-defense, but Munch soon finds out that he didn't tell her everything. Sauveur had a double life, and the victim is none other than his illegitimate son. Meanwhile, Bellanger, alerted by Joseph that his girlfriend has been hospitalized after taking an oral contraceptive, works on putting together a class-action suit in the interest of public health.

Munch's adoptive son Joseph is arrested and put in a holding cell. He is suspected of murdering Arnaud Carlier, lawyer of the pharmaceutical lab that he and Bellanger have been fighting. Overwhelmed by the sudden, tragic death of his girlfriend from a pulmonary embolism, Joseph had threatened the lawyer. Convinced that he is innocent, Munch will have to use the most twisted techniques she can come up with in order to get him released. But as they dig into the case, Munch and Bellanger butt heads with the all-powerful American laboratory, fully committed to defending its interests.

EPISODES 9 & 10: COLD CASE (Part 1 and Part 2)
Long ago, Munch lost a rape case that left her with a bitter memory. She stood up for the young victim, but the rapist's clever lawyer Giraud managed to get him acquitted of the crime. Seven years later, a young Captain of the national police force, Helene Perrin, shows up at the firm to ask her for help with a cold case: a young woman reported missing years ago still hasn't been found. The man accused in the case Munch lost is still at large - could he be the guilty party?

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