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Meet The Family

Les Chamois

MINI SERIES 2 x 52' and more to come



Directed by

Philippe Lefebvre (Desperate Parents)


François Berléand (Call My Agent!, Transporter 1 to 3, Tell No One)
Isabelle Gelinas (Desperate Parents)
Julie Depardieu (Killer by the Lake, Female Agents, A Secret)
François Vincentelli
Edouard Court
Stéphanie Crayencour (Don't Tell Her)
Jonathan Lambert


Big Band Story


2017 / Original language: French / Color

Dylan Bernard and Emma Leroy are wildly in love. But they haven’t made it official yet. They want to break the news to their parents, but it’s not so easy. And for a very good reason! Emma is the daughter of Etienne Leroy, an influential magnate in northern France and the regular target of union delegate Krystel Bernard - who is none other than Dylan’s mother! To formally announce their relationship in the best possible conditions, Dylan and Emma decide to use the excuse of a ski trip to bring their families together. Will the parents be able to set aside their differences for the sake of their children’s happiness?


More 5.5M Viewers per episode
Up to 26.1% Market Share
6 Points above te market share of TF1 Prime Time Slot

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"A comedy about the conflicts that drive society and the opposition of two families - one upper-middle class, the other working class"
Télé 7 jours

"A funny, warm family fiction"
Télé Cable Satellite

"A fresh, enjoyable comedy supported by a lovely cast"
Télé Magazine

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