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Clem, Teen Mom - Season 3

Clem - Saison 3

SERIES 3 x 96' in a series totalizing 10 episodes
Comedy drama


Being a teen... and a mom ! Discover the new episodes of a moving and high-rated comedy!

Directed by

Joyce Bunuel (Clem, Teen Mom, Salsa)


Victoria Abril (Sin Noticias de Dios, Kika, High Heels)
Laurent Gamelon (The Closet, The Valet, Diane Crime Fighter)
Lucie Lucas


Merlin Productions

2013 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Clem Boissier was a regular 16-year-old, with parents, friends, a boyfriend… Until she realized she was pregnant and she had to keep the baby. She told her parents Jean-Paul and Caro but all of them had trouble dealing with this crisis and with their life change after Valentin's birth.
In this second season, the Boissier family finally seems to have recovered their balance. Caro loves her job, she's back together with Jean-Paul and their relationship is better than ever. Clem has found new love with handsome Mathieu, though her baby's father Julien is never far away, and her little sister Salomé is doing great in school. Nothing but clear skies...
Until the next storm rolls in... Between Jean-Paul's problematic transfer to Southern France, Clem's heartache and difficulty with juggling life as a teen mom, and Caro's newfound business talent, it's never a dull moment with the Boissier family!


Highest ratings for a family comedy.
Up to 9.4 million viewers on TF1 prime time.


"Very true to life... A cross between LOL and JUNO"

"A historical success!"

"Outstanding actors"


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