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Diane, Crime Fighter

Diane, femme flic

SERIES 15 x 96' + 20 x 52'

A woman of action, Captain Diane Carro stands for truth and justice
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Directed by

Marc Angelo


Isabel Otero
Laurent Gamelon (The Closet, The Valet, Diane Crime Fighter)
Alexis Michalik
Hassan Koubba
Joel Zaffarano
Vanessa Guedj


GMT Productions / TF1

2008 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

This lady cop is barely forty. Married to her boss, they have two children. Both work in the regional crime squad in a large Parisian suburb. He's the director but never goes out on the beat. That's his wife's domain. Diane turns her scientific analysis to the tough cases. She has no time for silly banter and psychological theory. She's out there looking for hard evidence and leaves no stone unturned to ascertain the facts. Diane is a woman of action. She stands for truth and justice. and she's proud.



Episodes 1 & 2: VENIM
A children's judge, Alain Chanet, is stabbed to death in his garden while his two children are asleep in the house. Diane discovers a strange family: 15-year-old Tristan and Simon, his 11-year-old brother, are extremely violent children. They nurture a fierce hatred of their mother, who abandoned them and their father four years ago, without even asking for visiting rights. Corinne Chanet claims she had no choice. The judge was someone intransigent and odious, which drove her into extreme depression. Addicted to prescription drugs, she spent 15 years at his side in a zombie-like state. Now she is better. She's returned to the Paris area with her companion, Cedric Pellerin, and she now wants custody of the children, which her ex-husband refused to grant her. Could she have killed the judge to get her children back? Or was it her companion? He seems very much in love with her. Could he have gone so far as to commit murder to help Corinne?

Episodes 3 & 4: FILIATION
A man comes out of his house, joking with his wife before driving off to work. A normal couple on a normal day? Not really. This morning, Jean-Paul Danglade is found dead in his car, parked alongside a canal. A murder made up to look like a suicide. Too, there was a baby in the car and it has vanished. Who is the mother? Danglade's mistress? In fact, Danglade had more than one: two wives, two homes, two children, two lives kept carefully apart. With his death, the two families meet head-on. As the saying goes, "He who has two homes, loses his reason; two wives, loses his soul." Diane must deal with these two families, who amount to four suspects. Any one of them could have set up a meeting by the canal, killed Danglade and got rid of the child. Time is of the essence and Diane must solve this double investigation, the murder and the disappearance, all the while keeping abreast of her own family state of affairs. Thomas's new girlfriend, a real sex bomb, is sleeping over at the house and it's disrupting the entire household.

Episodes 5 & 6: SECOND TRUTH
Patrick and Mathilde Delaunay, a couple in their forties, are attacked on their way home. Several shots are fired. Mathilde is killed immediately. Patrick escapes with a shoulder wound. Diane and the Criminal investigations division give credence to the lead of a burglar caught in the act. Delaunay's profession - bailiff - could also provide a motive. Especially since one of his clients, Julia Sentori, mother of an over-indebted family, was seen near the Delaunay home on the night of the murder. As the investigation proceeds, Diana realizes that the murky bond existed between the bailiff and some of his clients, especially Julia Sentori. But Mathilde Delaunay also seems to have led a double life and relations with her husband were anything but idyllic. Who then was the real target of this attack? The bailiff or his wife?

Episodes 7 & 8: ALONE IN THE WORLD
A luxury villa, a long winter night and a family reunion that goes tragically wrong. In a matter of seconds, the Cotrel family is decimated: father, stepmother, uncle, aunt and family friend are all murdered. Fabien, the Cotrel son, who already lost his mother, finds himself again orphaned and... a suspect. His strange attitude, his lack of an alibi, his lies, and his shadowy nature designate him as the ideal culprit. Is it because he is 17, her own son's age, that Diane grows fond of him? Or because she is disconcerted by the new public prosecutor and because she loses all her bearings and professional reflexes? In any case, Henri Cotrel was far from being a simple man and his strong character earned him a lot of enmity. Yes, he was hard on his son, but not only that. His other brother, Daniel, would have a lot to say about that. The two siblings loathed one another. Daniel is thus also a suspect. But then Daniel is murdered. Fabien is alone, and more than ever a suspect.

Suicide that turns out to be murder. A world - haute couture and supermodels - where make-up and lies seem to be the rule. An alcoholic mother and her violent love-hate relationship with her daughter. A painful, buried past that resurfaces. Protagonists who all have a motive to kill but cannot, materially, have done so. Nothing in this investigation falls easy for Diane Carro.
On top of that, she can't neglect her family: her husband, Serge, is worried about an upcoming operation, which indeed goes wrong, and Diane has their 20th wedding anniversary to prepare. But when the worst eventuality comes to pass, Diane's world is turned upside down.

Diane reacts to Serge's death like any loving wife and caring mother would. Despite her pain, she tries to protect her shocked children. But she also reacts like any good cop would. Despite her superiors' reluctance, she insists on leading the Serge Carro investigation. Her life revolves around this case. To resolve it, she has to shine a light on the mystery surrounding the last few hours of Serge's life, and confront formidable enemies, made all the more formidable by being potential colleagues...

Episode 11: ADRENALIN
Promising young champion racing driver Karine crashes during a race and struggles to find the money for the repairs. One morning, Eric, her boyfriend, is found dead in the woods. Diane initially suspects Werner, the driver who forced Karine to crash out of the race, but Eric's shady past throws up other leads. Short of cash, Eric one was a go-fast driver for dangerous drug traffickers. They now insist that Karine should replace him for one final delivery...

A few months after the death of her husband, Diane must overcome a new ordeal: her best friend Marie-Laure is taken hostage in a store. Seriously injured, her life hangs in the balance. When Diane reaches the scene, she finds out that the hostage taker is demanding the arrest of his own mother, for the murder of his sister who died over 15 years earlier. The only way to save Marie-Laure is to investigate this family, haunted for way too long with the death of a newborn…

Episode 13: DESIRE'S CHILD
Hidden in a bathroom cabinet, a small boy watches his mother get brutally murdered before his very eyes. Diane understands that from where he was, the child saw the face of the killer. But little Louis is so deeply traumatized that he isn’t able to talk… In his nightmares, the killer takes the form of a vicious wolf, chasing him. Who is hidden behind the wolf that haunts the child’s nights? Suspicions focus on Marion, Louis’ “second mother”, Claire’s partner… Meanwhile, Diane’s personal life is far from simple. Under Marie-Laure’s influence, Zoe has decided to become a medical examiner.

In the vicinity of a military base, the corpse of a young officer is found among the garbage. His insignia have been ripped off his uniform, a symbolic act and the worst dishonor for a military man. Diane suspects the base soldiers… But they form a corps of Special Forces ground troops. How could these elite men kill one of their own? Will Diane succeed in breaking the code of silence and carry through her investigation, despite the pressure exerted upon her?

Episode 15: COLD ROOM
Sarah, 20, dies of a fall from a window, in the late afternoon. Just like her next-door neighbor, she was being monitored by a center for troubled young women. A center run by Lucille Bonfils, a renowned gynecologist. The case takes a scandalous turn as suspicions are directed at the gynecologist’s husband.

Condemned to ten years in prison for killing, in a courtroom, the man who kidnapped and murdered his daughter, Gabriel Beranger breaks out of prison, despite the fact that he was close to getting released on parole. Diane and her crew find him just a few hours later, dead. He has been murdered.


8.2 million viewers on TF1 prime-time

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