Cop & Robber - New episodes

Les virtuoses - Nouveaux épisodes

SERIES 6 x 52' + 1 x 96'
Action/Adventure / Comedy / Cop/Investigation

Fast-paced action with offbeat humor in the new adventures of Horace and Alice, an outlaw and a cop fighting those who think they're above the law

Directed by

Claude-Michel Rome (Woman Under Influence, Crossfire, Zodiac Murders 1, Murder in Mind, Ladies of the Law)


Frédéric Diefenthal (The Perfect Son-in-Law, Elite Squad, Taxi 1 to 4, Clara Sheller)
Gwendoline Hamon


GMT Productions (Ali Baba, The Impossible Truth, Julie Police Commissioner)

2010 / Original language: French / Color

Criminal Intelligence officer Alice Grant offers Horace Lange, a highly talented international thief currently in prison, the deal of a lifetime: freedom in exchange for his criminal talents at the service of the police.
A modern Robin Hood who grew up in a circus, Horace must team up with Alice, a tough, attractive, street-smart cop.
Their mission: busting powerful people, whose connections and money keep them above the law. If their operation is exposed, Alice’s career will be shot and Horace will be thrown back in prison.
For complete secrecy, the circus becomes their headquarters, and its professionals, Horace’s friends and family, prove to be fearless and creative allies…


Directed by
Claude-Michel Rome
(Zodiac Murders 1 & 2, Murder in Mind)

GMT Productions
(Ali Baba, The Impossible Truth, Julie Police Commissioner)
with the participation of TF1

Bernard Dechet
(The Two-Sided Mirror, Zodiac Murders 1 & 2)

Art director
Sébastien Birchler
(Death List, The Poisoner, A Love to Hide)

Chief editor
Stéphanie Mahet
(Zodiac Murders 1 & 2, Dolmen, Murder in Mind)


Episode 1
In their first assignment, Horace and Alice are taken to Brussels, where Horace must access a highly secure computer and retrieve a list of tax evaders.

Episode 2: The Evil diamond
Alice and Horace’s latest ultra-classified mission leads them to a highly secure building owned by a billionaire, in search of a priceless diamond that was stolen from the French government. While Alice poses as a journalist to create a diversion, Horace prepares his break-in, but a Chinese commando unit beats him to it and kidnaps the billionaire. A frantic race against the clock begins, made all the more challenging for Alice, who isn’t sure her partner won’t steal the diamond for himself…

Episode 3: A complete coincidence
After one of the circus tents burns down, Horace’s dad, Virgil, is devastated by the prospect of losing his business. In order to save his dad and all the circus employees, Horace breaks in to the home of an airplane magnate to steal a few valuables. But when the homeowner and his wife return unexpectedly, Horace is caught red-handed, and hired by his victims to find their kidnapped daughter! But these people may not be as innocent as they seem…


“A convincing pilot.”
“The screenwriter often pays tribute to action films like Mission Impossible and James Bond.”
“The Hamon – Diefenthal duo works great.”
“Powerful dialogue.”
Le Figaro

“These ‘virtuosos’ have the tone of English comedy.”

“Believable and funny.”
Télé Loisirs

“A new offbeat TV duo is born! The whole endeavor is jolly, improbable and well carried. A success.”
TV Grandes Chaînes

“An offbeat action comedy.”
Télé Star

“An entertaining crime drama!”
Télé 7 Jours

“Finally, French fiction with action, minus the violence.”
Tv Grandes Chaînes

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