Vidocq's Adventures

Vidocq : le masque et la plume

Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation

A former outlaw turned cop creates a law enforcement squad made up of his criminal friends.

Directed by

Alain Choquart (Saint Tropez, R.I.S Police Scientifique)


Arthur Jugnot (Monsieur Batignole)
Bruno Madinier (Buddies, lovers... dramas, White Hands, The Avignon Prophecy, Dolmen)
Gérald Laroche
Julie Debazac
Tony Gaultier


Merlin Productions (Teen Mom, The Avignon Prophecy, A Love to Hide) with the participation of TF1

2010 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Paris, 1830, under the rule of Napoleon. Murderers and thieves run wild, outnumbering the police.
Having just abducted the daughter of wealthy banker Mr Segur, the elusive gang of The Dandies demands a ransom. Meanwhile, François Vidocq, a charismatic and inventive former convict, is trying to raise the funds needed to create a private police force.
Faced with the incompetence of the state police, Mr. Segur offers Vidocq a bargain. If Vidocq frees his daughter, Segur will provide him with all the money he needs. Vidocq takes on the challenge and starts recruiting men among his outlaw friends…
A spectacular big-budget and contemporary adventure, based on a timeless character who inspired the greatest writers of his day.


Up to 6.3 Million viewers on TF1 prime-time
Average Market share of 23.3 % on individual 4+
Average Market share of 30.8 % on Housewives


"Madinier revives this legendary hero with the flair of le Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean". Armed with ingenious gadgets, he spins from stunt to stunt, jumping, fighting and charging.”
Télé 7 Jours (Collector)

"Excellent filmmaking."
Télé Cable Sat Hebdo

"Every member of the family will enjoy it: kids will like the mischievous characters and the history of Paris will fascinate adults.”
Le Figaro

"Action. Excitement. Bruno Madinier is a natural in the role of Vidocq. Good family entertainment.”
Télé Z

"Good storyline, excellent filmmaking.”
Télé Cable Sat


Available in :

Neutral Spanish

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