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Buddies, Lovers... Dramas - Season 1

Mes amis, mes amours, mes emmerdes - Saison 1

Comedy drama / Comedy

Three couples face the greatest challenges of their 20-year friendship. Will their relationships be ruined or grow stronger?
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Directed by

Sylvie Aymé (Ladies of the Law)


Anne Charrier (Just a Gigolo, The Crows, Crime Squad)
Bernard Yerlès (Buddies, Lovers... Dramas, Foreign Investigations)
Bruno Madinier (Buddies, lovers... dramas, White Hands, The Avignon Prophecy, Dolmen)
Elise Tielrooy (The Avignon Prophecy)
Florence Pernel (The Conquest, A Mother's Fight, A Case for a Woman)
Serge Hazanavicius (I've Loved You So Long)


Sama Productions (Police Wars: the Hunt for Jacques Mesrine) with the participation of TF1


2009 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Three couples, six strong personalities and a long history of friendship and love.
They met when they were 20, now they are 40. For twenty years, they have shared good and bad times. But also secrets and lies that sit in dark corners like time bombs, waiting to explode. And now, some of those are being detonated.
An illegitimate son, a car crash and a revelation that destroys a couple will put these six friends through tests that will challenge the very core of their attachments to each other and their loyalty to a group that has shared so much together.



Episode 1: Friendly Clashes
Caroline, Olivier, Nathalie, Fred, Françoise and Marie have known each other for over 20 years. They share practically everything: entire weekends at Les Bruyeres – the country house they bought together, as well as life’s hurdles. In short, friendships, loves and also dramas! But today, the dramas are looking much more serious than usual, because one of them has been in a car crash…

Episode 2: Breaking the news
The moment they hear about the accident, Olivier’s friends rush over to the hospital. He is conscious, his life is not in danger but he will never walk again. How will they go about breaking this terrible news to their best friend? And how will they keep his wife from walking out on him, after she leaves the hospital in a rage when she finds out her husband has been unfaithful?

Episode 3: Gambling Debts
Olivier now understands that he will never walk again and his friends are taking turns staying by his side. But problems start to resurface when it becomes clear that, in order to keep Nathalie in the style to which her parents have accustomed her to, Fred has been secretly playing poker for years. Not only are his debts piling up, but he is now being threatened by Sonia, a Mafia boss who makes him understand how urgent the situation is, by setting fire to a car in the garage – and not just any car: the one that belongs to Jean-Charles, Nathalie’s father! Fred’s anxiety goes through the roof, as he tries to figure out some way to pay back the money!! By chance (or providence?), he recalls the famous forest rally that his friends organize each year for fun, which could bring in a cash prize that would at least take care of some of his debt. This slightly mad idea might very well help Fred escape from the clutches of the beautiful Sonia… If he wins!

Episode 4: Parents
Fred had a narrow escape and so did Nathalie! Still recovering from the shock caused by what her husband just went through, Nathalie goes into emergency labor and gives birth at Les Bruyeres! Baby Tim is adorable. Even if his mom didn’t expect him to turn out quite like this: Tim is Asian!! And Fred, temporarily blind because of an encounter with pepper spray, can’t see him! What happened? Everyone is wondering. Did Nathalie do the same thing as Olivier and step out on her spouse? A slight infidelity that could turn into a whole new life?! How will they break the news to the in-laws, Jean-Charles and Gigi, who are rushing over to see their grandson?! And speaking of parents, Caroline still hasn’t told her own folks that her husband is now in a wheelchair. And they’re supposed to show up this Saturday with a roast! The truth will end up being exposed, but it can be pretty tough to hear, and even harder to digest!

Episode 5: Heading Home
Olivier is regaining his memory of the accident: his subdural hematoma has subsided and he now recalls the exact chain of events that lead to the crash. His steering ceased to respond, which means that his car was defective! Manufacturing defect? Sabotage? Being closely linked to this, as he loaned Olivier the car in question, Fred investigates the matter as best he can. Everything seem to point at the group of friends!! It looks like the person responsible for this is one of them. What really happened that day, on the road to Les Bruyeres?

Episode 6: Man’s Best Friend
Gone are the days of barbecues and rosé wine in the countryside; welcome to the frozen plains of Siberia in January! Les Bruyeres is up for sale and the friends no longer see each other! Until the day Marie ends up behind bars for a reason that is linked to her position as a lawyer. So the friends have to talk to one another in an effort to find a way to get her out of there. But they only talk one on one. And not happily – it’s tough to get beyond accumulated resentments… But the investigating magistrate who put Marie where she is now owns a horrible little dog that keeps running around among them, bringing everyone into contact despite their best efforts. Little does this dog know it, but it may very well be the instrument of a general reconciliation. Maybe…


"A French-style "Friends".
"The strength of this show lies mostly in the modern tone and good humor that the authors were able to instill in its well-plotted script."

"… lovely comedy… Fresh, pleasant and funny."

"... this bittersweet comedy about fortysomethings is like a box of chocolates: tasty and filled with surprises."
Télé 7 Jours

"A very endearing rendez-vous."
Le Parisien

"And here we thought only the Americans were capable of creating "Friends", with all its possible and imaginable variations. Time to think again!"
Télé Poche

"A straightforward story, endearing actors with whom we identify."
France Soir

"A new, wonderful French series."
France Dimanche

"This family comedy mixes good cheer and emotion."

"High emotional content."
Télé Poche

"The performances in this ensemble piece are superb. Sylvie Ayme knows how to direct her partners with great mastery."
Télé Cable Sat

"Lots of emotion."

"The actors are so likable…"
Télé Z

"A touching finale. The actors are engaging."
Téléloisirs / Télé 2 Semaines

"All these adventures move along at a brisk pace, in this show permeated by an unshakeable feeling of friendship."

"A peppy comedy at last! A delightful ode to community lifestyle."
Télé Mag

"Six refreshing episodes, criss-crossed with kindness-filled dialogs, in the spirit of Une Famille Formidable."

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