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Profiling - Seasons 1 & 2

Profilage - Saisons 1 & 2

SERIES 18 x 52' in a series totalizing 18 episodes
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation

When an intuitive profiler teams up with a hard-boiled detective. A suspenseful and fast-paced series, based on true and recent criminal cases
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Directed by

Eric Summer (Dolmen, St Tropez, Julie Police Commissioner)


Odile Vuillemin (Profiling)
Guillaume Cramoisan (Spiral / Engrenages, C.I.D, Criminal Investigation Department, The Avignon Prophecy)


Stéphane Marsil (Sarah's Key, Arsene Lupin, Payoff 1 & 2) - Beaubourg Audiovisuel


2009 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Chloe Saint-Laurent is a police profiler. She is called upon to help solve the most puzzling cases, as her exceptional sensitivity helps read the minds of killers as well as victims.
Detective Matthew Perac is one of the finest cops in Paris, a man of action with solid methods and firm convictions, who protects his men as he would his own family.
When the corpse of a disfigured young woman is discovered, Perac is informed that, from now on, he will have to team up with Chloe. He is initially reluctant to work with her and her unusual approach, but together, they will form a highly charged yet formidable team, in the hunt for criminals.


Episode 1: Less than nothing
As he investigates the murder of a brutally disfigured young woman, detective Matthew Perac learns that from now on, he must team up with Chloe Saint-Laurent, a forensic psychologist specialized in profiling. Chloe’s skills help him tackle their first case together, involving a victim suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Episode 2: No remission
A young cancer specialist is found poisoned in his own hospital ward. Chloe’s help will be instrumental for Matthew in solving this case which hits close to home, after the recent death of a loved one.

Episode 3: The prodigal son
The murder of a young lawyer who was devastated by the tragic consequences of his first trial, leads Matthew and Chloe to a psychologist specialized in hypnosis…

Episode 4: Paradise lost
When a wealthy art dealer’s young wife is found brutally knifed to death by her swimming pool, Chloe and Matthew do all they can to locate her husband, a possessive man in his fifties, who seems to have vanished.

Episode 5: A decent fellow
A well-loved activist is found dead after a fire in a cheap hotel. Matthew has trouble managing Chloe’s missteps in this case, where private and public life are closely intertwined.

Episode 6: Behind the mask
When the father of a teenager who has been missing for several months, receives an alarming letter about his daughter, Matthew and Chloe put their disagreements aside and re-open a cold case that forces Chloe to confront the worst moments of her past.

Episode 7: Past tense
Mathieu will stop at nothing to find out the truth about Chloé's identity. Convinced that she is well on her way to becoming an accepted member of the team, Chloé doesn't feel the threat. She energetically dedicates herself to their new case: Aurélia Valencourt, mother of a family without a record, is found dead in the courtyard of her apartment building. The preliminary forensics leave no doubt: she was also raped...

Episode 8: The sons of man
In the early morning, the corpse of Nathalie Larbaud is found in the middle of a deserted courtyard of the school where she teaches. A new investigation begins for Chief Pérac’s team.
Suspected of police brutality, Mathieu is taken off the investigation and replaced by Meyer, who is intrigued by the criminal psychologist’s methods.
Chloé does everything she can to clear Mathieu of the charges. Little does she know that he is about to discover the secret of her identity...

Episode 9: Like his mother
Raphaël Mirmont, an intriguingly beautiful young man, is found dead with a lacerated face in a refrigerated container on the docks. His girlfriend Noémie assures the investigators that she was soon to be married to Raphaël, but Chloé and Mathieu discover the Don Juan had made the same promise to dozens of other women. Revenge seems to be the best lead... until Chloé discovers that the young man’s pathological need to look for his mother in every woman drove him into the arms of his assassin.

Episode 10: One life for another
Sandrine Dewit, a thirty-year-old social worker, is found dead in a crematorium. She had just published a testimonial autobiography about her struggle as an abused child. Did her odious father Claude Forestier take revenge upon his daughter for the public revelation of his true nature? While Chloé Saint Laurent gets overly involved in this painful investigation, she receives a letter that throws her back into her past. Completely destabilized, she makes mistake after mistake before finally revealing to Mathieu what she has been hiding from him all along: her true identity.

Episode 11: The other side of the mirror
A young woman is found strangled to death in a park. The scars on her face, from repeated cosmetic surgery, allow Chloé and Mathieu to trace back to the surgeon who worked so extensively on her face. The surgeon informs them that the victim, far from being addicted to plastic surgery, had been disfigured in a car accident. Now that Chloé’s secret is revealed, Mathieu is so attentive towards her that he doesn’t realize he’s losing his wife.

Episode 12: To live or to die
Maryline, an aspiring actress, is found dead on the set of a TV series. After years of struggling, she had finally succeeded in getting a small part, but never made it to the screen: struck with stage fright, she couldn’t say her lines. Mathieu and Chloé discover the tragic fate of a young woman ready to sacrifice anything to succeed... to the point of no return.
During this difficult investigation, Mathieu learns terrible news: his little girl Emma has had a serious accident. Between life and death, she must have an operation right away. While Mathieu’s wife is unreachable, Chloé supports Mathieu through the most difficult moment of his life.

Episode 13: Renaissance
As Matthieu comes to in his colleague’s arms, Lamarck powerlessly witnesses a hit-and-run that leaves a little six-year-old girl in a coma. Determined to catch the dirty rat, Lamarck puts Matthieu and Chloe on the investigation.
Surprisingly, the fugitive turns out to be her father, who panicked when handing over the ransom meant to save his daughter Sybille. Chloe plunges into the world of the little girl, a highly talented dancer, without realizing that a mysterious woman lurks in the shadows, spying on her every movement.

Episode 14: Fatal Wave
35-year-old Stephanie Lavaudant is found dead in her bathtub. Death by drowning is all the more troubling since Stephanie and her husband Christophe were victims of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Did the tidal wave that took Stephanie’s husband come back to “finish the job” six years later?
While Chloe agrees to meet her sister Louise for the first time, Matthieu suffers from having split up with his wife, even if he can’t forgive her betrayal.

Episode 15: Age of darkness
Charismatic math professor Antoine Chassagne is found dead on the high school campus, his head shaved. Matthieu and Chloe find out that he had been unjustly accused of rape two years earlier by a student who had a crush on him. To Chloe, the circumstances of death indicate revenge. Was the high school girl’s rape accusation unsubstantiated after all?
Chloe agrees to be a witness for her sister’s civil wedding, making Matthieu wonder if Louise has become a part her life a little too fast. Hyppolite allows himself to revel in the troubling charms of Valentine Meursault, Captain of the Bordeaux Criminal Division, who has come to lend her expertise to the investigation.

Episode 16: Back to Earth
The body of a man is discovered in the woods of Boulogne, where it had been buried in the earth for three months. The man is ecologist Alban Lorizot, former activist of a movement that was broken up for being too radical. His girlfriend never reported his disappearance, and she, too, is missing. Is she a suspect or a victim as well?
Matthieu and Chloe plunge into the world of radical ecological activism, and find out that the victim is actually Lorizot’s identical twin, a Wealth Manager who had nothing in common with his brother, excepting of course his DNA.
Matthieu gets back together with his wife, and Chloe has one of the worst scares of her life when her five-year-old nephew disappears while in her care.

Episode 17: You will love me
Chloe and Matthieu discover the corpse of a young woman left for dead in an ethylic coma at a highway rest stop. The victim, who had been to a speed-dating party, was trying to be more socially active after having gone through a particularly rough break-up. Did she stop there at random, or did she agree to meet someone in such an uninviting place for a woman alone?
Tensions rise between Chloe and Matthieu when he accuses her sister of ransacking his apartment.

Episode 18: Addiction
Myriam, a 30-year-old woman who has been battling alcoholism since she was a teenager, comes out of an AA meeting and asks her friend Fred if he would help her daughter. But she is stabbed to death before she can explain.
The team gets to work but puzzles over the case: to Fred’s knowledge, Myriam doesn’t have a daughter.
Chloe and Matthieu find out that Myriam gave birth to a stillborn 17 years earlier. That is the child who Myriam seemed to have recognized in the face of an adolescent girl on the street.
Caught up in preparations for her sister’s wedding, Chloe refuses to see signs of Louise’s neurotic obsession with her. But Matthieu will do whatever it takes to make Chloe see her sister’s true nature.


TF1’s Profiling, makes the other cop shows seem terribly outdated... A finely crafted plot... Captivating investigation... A promising and finely written series.

Profiling has managed to stand out in the unforgiving world of police series. An excellent first season.
Filmed in 35mm (like most feature films), this new French police series is remarkable by its fine directing, straightforward plots, unique atmosphere and rising star Odile Vuillemin’s wonderfully nuanced performance.

The script of each episode has benefited from the careful proofreading of real-life professional profiler Michèle Agrapart.

A promising and finely written series.

Highly entertaining new series, thanks to the pair formed by the main characters and the very polished screenplay.

Often funny. Sharp directing.

A rejuvenation of the genre... explosive duo... dynamic directing.

An innovative cop series on TF1... Thrilling investigations... original storyline... Odile Vuillemin’s endearing character... Guillaume Cramoisan’s credible performance... an efficient duo... a touch of funniness.

A well put together plot.

An explosive duo.

A good series, very good even... The screenwriters manage to convey a distinctive world, offbeat and deeply interesting to follow... Very strong rhythm.

A highly effective series, strikingly innovative and sustained by excellent performances... Odile Vuillemin’s astonishing performance is mirrored by that of Guillaume Cramoisan, who perfectly incarnates her captain... A very endearing cop partnership.

Solid plots.
Rather funny situations in the midst of developed investigations.

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