Line of Fire

Ligne de feu

SERIES 8 x 52'
Action/Adventure / Drama

A thrilling and turbo-charged series
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Directed by

Marc Angelo


Alexis Loret
Catherine Demaiffe
David Saracino (Crimson Rivers 2)
Ivan Cori
Lionnel Astier (Kaamelott, A Gang Story, Julie Police Commissioner)
Mathieu Delarive (Police Wars: Hunting for Jacques Mesrine)
Perkins Lyautey


Cipango with the participation of TF1

2008 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Bordeaux, a city at the heart of France's beautiful, prestigious wine region.
At the Balzac firehouse, five men and one woman are heroes fighting fire and saving lives under the orders of their charismatic chief, Burgess:
- pretty single mother Alexandra,
- reliable Iker, who can't hide his attraction to her,
- courageous Cisco,
- impulsive Franck,
- Antoine who lives life to the fullest,
- and troubled youngster Benji.
But when not on duty, they become regular citizens looking for love, laughs and a little happiness.
An exciting action-packed series, brimming with emotion, that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the real lives of everyday heroes in the line of fire.

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